NFC Forum Event

NFC Forum Fremont Plugfest
March 6 - 10, 2017 Fremont, CA, USA

Plugfests are one-week events designed to create a safe, real-world environment where developers with NFC Forum specified devices can verify device interaction across product implementations. They offer NFC Forum members and non-members device-device interoperability testing, end-to-end data sharing, and access to a library of various NFC Forum tags, smart posters and NFC Forum devices.

NFC Forum Event

NFC Forum Member Meeting – Las Vegas
March 13 - 17, 2017 Las Vegas, Nevada

Join the NFC Forum in Vegas for the first Member Meeting of 2017 and the NFC Innovation Awards Ceremony & Reception.

NFC Forum Event

NFC Innovation Awards Ceremony & Reception
March 14 - 14, 2017 Green Valley Ranch Resort

Join the NFC Forum for the NFC Innovation Awards Ceremony and Reception and hear the winners announced live!

Liaison Events

March 28 - 29, 2017 Santa Clara Convention Center, CA

Visit the NFC Forum at Booth # 30 to learn more about how NFC and Bluetooth work together.

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