Apps4Android – Providing Talking Tags that Offer Voice Instructions for the Blind

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Apps4Android, Inc., an IDEAL Group company (United States), offers an NFC-based talking label maker and reader application designed to assist visually impaired individuals. Through the use of this app, recordings can be produced and paired with specific NFC tags. The labels can then be affixed to objects, such as articles of clothing, food containers, or medication bottles. With the tap of an NFC-enabled Android smartphone, the labels play the recording associated with the particular NFC label. For example, the labels can enable a visually impaired person to reliably identify important objects and items, such as which medicine bottle they are holding and the dosage information.


Figure 1: App4Andriod was honored as a semi-finalist in the in the NFC Innovation Award program in the “Best Mobile App” category. Apps4Android’s IDEAL Talking Tags is a talking label maker/reader application for NFC-enabled smartphones running Android version 4.0. Available to users free of charge, the application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. (Images courtesy of Apps4Andriod)

Steve Jacobs, president of IDEAL Group and CEO of Apps4Android, stated: “We’ve wanted to develop a low-cost alternative to high-priced talking label systems for a long time. With the advent of Android 4.0 and a significant increase in the popularity and use of NFC technology, our label maker/reader has now become a reality.”

In addition to talking label applications, Apps4Android is also exploring the use of NFC technology to store and retrieve cloud-based “personal preference settings” in conjunction with Raising the Floor-International’s Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII) project. Ultimately, this effort will allow any individual to pick up an NFC-enabled device and, with the swipe of an NFC tag or ring, configure that device to meet that individual’s personal tech preferences simply, quickly, securely, and accurately.

According to Roger Hornstra, head of Americas Transponder Sales for Identiv Group, the company which supplied the NFC tags used during the beta testing phases of IDEAL Talking Tags: “We’re really pleased to be involved in this innovative NFC development project, which stands to benefit many millions of people.”