Blulog – Keeping Foods Fresh Throughout the Cold Chain

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Most Innovative NFC Product, Service, or Implementation

Blulog (Poland) uses NFC-enabled data loggers and NFC-connected boxes for customizing and monitoring temperatures in its food-based cold chain packaging, storage, and shipping business. Using an NFC-enabled phone or device, a user can scan the Blulog label on a fridge or on a Blulog NFC-connected box to receive information about current and historical temperature for this specific location.

Figure 1: Blulog was honored as a semi-finalist is NFC Innovation Award in the “Most Innovative NFC Product, Service, or Implementation” category. The figure above displays how NFC enables temperature-sensitive products to be monitored throughout the cold chain. Watch the video here.


A Standard Feature On Most Smartphones And Devices, NFC Is Ideal For Logistics Applications

Blulog’s NFC-connected isothermal box integrates the NFC data logger directly into the packaging, simplifying the whole logistics process. Using an NFC data logger (Figure 2), the packaging’s inside and outside temperatures are measured during the entire transportation period.

Figure 2: As shown above, an NFC temperature data logger is as compact as a credit card. Autonomous and economically priced, these data loggers offer a +/- 0.2°C precision between 0 and 30°C and +/- 0.4°C on the rest of the range -40 to +60°C, with calibration certificate provided. (Image Courtesy of Blulog)


During transport, the packaging’s temperature can be scanned using an NFC-enabled device (Figure 3) –without even opening the box. The temperature data can be uploaded into the cloud, ensuring that the proper drug or food temperature is maintained at all times. Once delivery has been made, the box can be picked up and used again for future transports.

Figure 3: Using NFC-enabled devices, Blulog labels enable workers or consumers to consult the Blulog mobile app to spot if food or other products have not been stored at the right temperature throughout the cold chain. (Image Courtesy of Blulog)


“Beyond the expiration date, storage conditions are crucial for the freshness of food products. When fresh products are not stored at the proper temperature, their life expectancy will be significantly lowered and microbes will be more likely to grow,” explains Jérémy Laurens, Blulog sales and marketing director, “In our increasingly connected society, it is now possible for supermarkets and stores to demonstrate transparency and innovation to NFC-device enabled consumers looking to purchase quality food products.”