DIMPLE – Buttons Programmed By You – Personalizing and Streamlining Daily Lives

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Best NFC Startup category

DIMPLE Inc. (Latvia) offers NFC tag-based programmable buttons that personalize and streamline a user’s daily tasks. The highly customizable NFC sticker comes with two or four shortcut buttons that can be adhered to the back of an NFC-enabled device.


Figure 1: DIMPLE was the first-place winner in the NFC Innovation Award program in the “Best NFC Startup” category. DIMPLE.IO is a small NFC sticker with four (DIMPLE.IO Standard) or two (DIMPLE.IO Mini) buttons for Android devices. (Image courtesy of DIMPLE)

 With NFC, Consumers Get An Endless Set of Personalized Options

From creating an extra play button controlling smart home devices, DIMPLE offers endless personalized options using NFC technology.

Figure 2: DIMPLE’s NFC stickers (custom mobile phone buttons) adhere to the back of your device, making it easy to operate while holding a smartphone. (Image courtesy of DIMPLE)

“DIMPLE allows mobile users to add four customizable hardware buttons to NFC-enabled Android gadgets. In essence, DIMPLE is an NFC sticker that you put on the rear side of your gadget where it is installed in close proximity of the smartphone’s NFC reader,” said Rihards Skrubis, founder of DIMPLE. “What’s most important is that the user is the one who chooses the functionality – using their NFC-enabled smartphone to make everyday tasks quicker or to save precious time by launching key apps. DIMPLE offers endless personalized options using the phone’s own energy and NFC technology.”

A plug-in framework can dramatically extend the array of choices regarding standard functionality that the companion app provides, making everyday tasks quicker and saving precious time with key apps.