Khushi Baby – Engaging the Community with Wearable Health

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Best Mobile App

Figure 1: Khushi Baby was named the first-place winner in the NFC Innovation Award program in the “Best Mobile App” category. The NFC necklace is embedded with an NFC (NTAG216) chip that holds 888 bytes of data, enough to store the key data from the vaccination card. The health workers use a phone with built-in NFC read/writer to read and update information on the chip via the Khushi Baby Android app. (Image courtesy of Khushi Baby)

NFC Ensures Clinicians Have Reliable Access To Patient Data Using NFC-enabled Mobile Devices


Unlike paper immunization records, which are difficult to maintain and access or can be lost or destroyed, the Khushi Baby, which means “happy baby,” mobile app enables clinicians to rely on NFC-enabled mobile devices to read the data on each infant’s wearable necklace. The necklace makes it possible for a medical professional to identify which vaccinations are needed, upload the vaccine data into the cloud, and monitor the infant in real-time. As a result, the company’s NFC-enabled system makes it possible for health workers in 600 villages to monitor 30,000 mothers and their infants, while also keeping up to date records on vaccinations in rural India, especially in remote areas may not have Internet access.

Figure 2: Health workers use an NFC-enabled mobile phone to scan data from an NFC tag embedded inside a digital necklace. The Khushi Baby mobile app enables a clinician to get an update on the baby’s vaccination records and then sync that information into the cloud-based dashboard. (Image courtesy of Khushi Baby)


Khushi Baby believes its system is more than just a necklace or a healthcare tool, offering a novel community engagement platform that can be a potential driver of behavioral improvement.

Figure 3: Khushi Baby’s digital necklace includes an NFC tag and antenna.

The NFC-enabled necklace is modeled after amulet necklaces frequently worn by babies in this region. The waterproof NFC-enabled necklace is ideal for use in rural communities, relying on low-power wireless technology for operation instead of batteries. (Image Courtesy of NFC Forum)

“NFC technology is essential to our long-term vision. We aim to motivate and monitor the health of over one million mothers and their newborns in the next five years by making the most field-robust, secure, and culturally-tuned platform to connect mothers, community health workers, and health administrators,” said Ruchit Nagar, co-founder and CEO at Khushi Baby. “Our broader mission is to take our NFC-enabled necklace and unlock its full potential as a digital passport to connect underserved populations to health and social services. We are building and scaling in India, but also have an eye to make a sustainable, global impact by selling our integrated service and products to other countries’ Ministries of Health and INGOs.”