NFC Forum Innovation Award Case Study Kuvée

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Best NFC Startup category

Kuvée (United States) offers an NFC-enabled, connected wine dispensing system that allows users to view tasting notes, rate wines and make purchases that are shipped right to their front door. The Kuvée dispensing system, or smart bottle, serves to provide an enhanced experience for people who enjoy wine.

Figure 1: Kuvée was honored as a semi-finalist in the in the NFC Innovation Award program in the “Best NFC Startup” category. The NFC-enabled Kuvée wine dispensing system displays the wine information on the touch screen, such as how much wine is remaining and when the bottle was first opened. (Image courtesy of Kuvée).

NFC Enables IoT Devices To Become Intelligent And Connected

When the consumer inserts a Kuvée branded wine cartridge into the smart bottle, the system reads the NFC tag on the cartridge and displays the wine label on the touchscreen display. The user can navigate the user interface to discover the story of the wine or order more wine right from the bottle’s touchscreen.

Figures 2 and 3: The Kuvée wine dispensing system uses NFC technology to read the NFC tag-based wine cartridge to convey various information on the touchscreen. (Photos Courtesy of Kuvée and NFC Forum, respectively)

“Today’s consumers seek variety, convenience, and authenticity from their products, including everyday Internet-enabled objects, like the wine bottle, made intelligent and connected by technology. NFC technology extends the programming concept of object orientation to physical objects, such as Kuvée’s revolutionary NFC-enabled wine system. Kuvée’s unique system allows consumers to drink as much or as little wine they want, using our patented wine bottles to keep wine fresh for longer,” said Kuvée co-founder Geoffrey Lansberry. “Inserting an NFC-enabled bottle into the dispenser lets users learn more about the wine they’re drinking or rate a wine, enabling us to make recommendations about other wines they’ll love in the Kuvée collection.”