Nestech – Generating Keyless Access, Anywhere, Anytime without the Internet

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Best Mobile App Category

Nestech Corp., (Taiwan), specializes in developing systems for keyless door locks, access control, IP cameras and IoT objects. Nestech’s Dynamic Security System (DSS) consists of an NFC technology-based smart keyless lock and mobile application.

Figure 1: Nestech was honored as a semi-finalist in the in the NFC Innovation Award program in the “Best Mobile App” category. The company’s DSS NFC smart keyless lock and mobile application allow homeowners and small hotel managers to manage their properties remotely. (Image Courtesy of Nestech)

With NFC, Building Owners, Administrators Or Airbnb-Type Hosts Can Authorize Keyless Entry

Figure 2: Nestech offers keyless smart lock mobile applications for homes, hotels, offices and other types of building access. (Image courtesy of Nestech)

Using an NFC-enabled smartphone, owners can easily manage their NFC-based smart lock using their Nestech mobile application, providing an easy way to manage and authorize secure building access by generating access codes or issuing pass cards.

Figure 3: Nestech multi-platform system does not require Internet access, making it ideal for locations where a wireless connection is unavailable. (Image courtesy of Nestech)

“With the Nestech NFC-enabled smart keyless lock and mobile application, homeowners and small hotel managers have a simple and elegant pocket property management system, which makes it easy to manage building access anytime and from anywhere,” said Kristy Yeh, marketing manager of Nestech. “Our NFC-enabled smart lock system eliminates the need for adding new lock hardware or traveling to the door just to remove the access code. With an NFC-enabled phone, building owners, administrators or Airbnb-type hosts can authorize entry for their guests by creating a passcode through the Nestech DSS mobile application.”