Speech Code – Making The Physical World Talk In More Than 40 Languages

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Most Innovative NFC Product, Service, or Implementation


Speech Code GmbH (Austria) is the developer of NFC talking labels, the latest generation of data codes for modern smartphones. From signage and retail products to food and beverage packaging, Speech Code NFC stickers make it easier for people with disabilities, retail shoppers and tourists to obtain information.


Figure 1: Speech Code was selected by a panel of judges as a first-place winner in the NFC Innovation Award in the “Most Innovative NFC Product, Service, or Implementation” category. Speech Codes, which are printed NFC talking labels, enable 40 minutes of speech output in over 40 different languages. (Image courtesy of Speech Code)


NFC Enables Speech Code to Offer A Better User Experience – Even Without Internet Access


The Speech Code Generator software turns two complete pages of information into a 5×5 cm square colored, printable data code on an NFC tag. When the NFC tag is scanned with an NFC-enabled smartphone or device and free Speech Code app, the audio and text information is decoded and immediately presented to the user – all without requiring Internet access or any sort of downloading process. The information appears as text on the smartphone’s display or plays in audio format via text-to-speech technology. The diverse selection of languages makes Speech Code NFC labels ideal for assisting consumers. In addition to helping people with visual impairments, Speech Code NFC labels are beneficial for people with reading deficiencies and language barriers.

Figure 2: From warnings to important chemical or allergy information, Speech Code NFC labels help ensure that all consumers learn about important product safety issues. (Image courtesy of Speech Code)


Speech Code NFC labels enable enhanced capabilities for the retail and product safety industries by enabling consumers to uncover potentially life-saving allergy information or usage instructions by scanning the packaging’s label. With optional PIN protection, information access can be limited to a defined user group of people, such as lab technicians.

Figure 3: Using an NFC-enabled phone, tourists in another country can hear important data ranging from nutrition facts to hiking, trail or museum information. (Image courtesy of Speech Code).


“While QR-codes require Internet access to connect to the appropriate website, Speech Code NFC labels contain the entire data set within the NFC tag. As a result, information access is always possible anywhere and anytime with an NFC-enabled device–a big advantage for consumers concerned with communication or roaming fees when abroad or without Wi-Fi,” said Barbara Operschall, CEO of Speech Code. “While Speech Code NFC labels are a convenience for most people, for many others they may be the only way to access information, especially for people with reading problems and the visually impaired. Speech Code NFC labels’ verbal and tonal guidance instructions enable blind people to autonomously scan the NFC-enabled code, navigate within the text and establish a single-tap connection to read a telephone number or access a website.”