Talkin’ Things – Talking, Smart Packaging System That Protects Brands While Engaging Consumers

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Best NFC Startup category

Talkin’ Things LLC (Poland) offers an NFC-based global smart packaging system that provides effective protection against brand-related threats. Integration of the NFC tag with product packaging enables brands to protect against counterfeiting or refilling, while also communicating and interacting with consumers on important product information.


Figure 1. Talkin’ Things was honored as a semi-finalist in the in the NFC Innovation Award program in the “Best NFC Startup” category. The company’s multi-feature system is based on NFC, RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification), cloud computing and a mobile application. (Image courtesy of Talkin’ Things)

Figures 2 and 3: With that single tap, the Takin’ Things mobile app is able to confirm that the product is genuine and has never been opened before. For consumers, this means any product with an NFC-based Takin’ Things label can quickly be identified as authentic and safe with a tap to the packaging. (Image Courtesy of Talkin’ Things and NFC Forum, respectively)


With NFC, Products And Consumers Can Engage, Right From The Retail Shelf

Talkin’ Things smart packaging system’s most important feature is offering the customer protection from damaged or expired goods. Using the mobile application, a consumer can tap on a product’s packaging to determine if it has been properly sealed and is authentic and not counterfeit. Additional mobile application features include the ability to display product directions or dosage information. Talkin’ Things protects both the brand and consumers from anti-refilling and counterfeiting thanks to each NFC tag’s four-layer security encryption system.

“Using NFC technology, Talkin’ Things Smart Packaging System makes possible to change the relationship between products and customers. Finally, products have been given a chance to engage with consumers by themselves on a shelf,” said Marcin Pilarz, CEO of Talkin’ Things. “Consumer communication features create many possibilities to develop and maintain direct and long-term relationships with consumers based on our patented Talkin’ Things Proof-of-Purchase solution.”

The Talkin’ Things solution can be applied to food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and wine and spirits industries, where product authenticity is important. The Talkin’ Things Smart Packaging System is also multifunctional for brands, providing security and logistics management features such as tracking of grey market activity, brand protection, real-time stock-taking, track and trace, and anti-theft protection.