NFC Product Showcase

Category: Wearables

Suaave Bracelet
Suaave is a unisex designer jewellery brand that combines a classy... Learn more
Wristbanditz combine technology and trendsetting accessories. Wristbanditz introduces innovative guest management and event... Learn more
Diiito Gloves
Diiito gloves is a NFC technology based application for a new era... Learn more
NFC Button
A clothing accessory with an embedded NFC Tag, realized by Learn more
NFC watch band
Our NFC Coolpop watchband is NFC enabled which inside the silicon strap. The NFC module would allow for sharing business card, link... Learn more
NFC Jewellery tag
Designed for merchants to use on high-value products including watches, rings... Learn more
The NFC IC is planted in the front surface of the ring... Learn more
NFC Bracelets
The CUBO NFC Bracelet is the only one with 3 -5 NFC tags... Learn more
Tago Arc
LIBER8 Technology created the world’s first wearable that needs NOCHARGE - a... Learn more
NFC Coolpop T-shirt and Cap
Our NFC coolpop  T-SHIRT and CAP embedded Ntag213 chips  , which NFC function... Learn more