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Three Questions With Juergen Boehler, NFC Forum Technical Committee Chair about the ISO/IEC 14443 Analog Parameter Comparison and Alignment white paper

What is the NFC Forum – ISO/IEC 14443 Analog Parameter Comparison and Alignment white paper all about? The NFC Forum – ISO/IEC 14443 Analog Parameter Comparison and Alignment white paper is a significant achievement. It is the result of a collaborative industry effort to lay some of the technical groundwork paving the way for public transport interoperability using NFC. Along with the NFC Forum,Read more »

Key Takeaway:  Should the NFC Forum Work To Improve Service Level Solutions in Bus Operations?

I recently spoke at a private seminar held for members of the Common IC Card for Bus Operations Association in Tokyo, Japan in my role as Chairman of the NFC Forum. About 40 people attended, most of whom were busRead more »

World’s Largest Public Transport Global Interoperability Event with NFC Mobile Devices Held In Berlin

Laurent Sourgen, Officer and Board Member of the NFC Forum Presented Keynote Address Berlin, Germany, in the heart of Western Europe, was the site of the world’s largest global RF interoperability demonstration between public transport fare management infrastructures and NFC mobile devices including public transportRead more »

NFC Public Transport:  From Vision To Reality Presentation Available For Download

By Transport SIG Co-Chairs Joerg Schmidt, Infineon and Cord Bartels, BSI. The NFC Forum Transport Special Interest Working Group recently released a presentation outlining the necessary steps to incorporate contactless standards using NFC technology for public transportation applications and other services. TheRead more »

Passenger Transport asked NFC Forum Executive Director Paula Hunter to provide some insight into the technology and what it means for public transportation.

APTA is All Aboard for NFC in Public Transport

With every day that goes by, adoption of NFC in public transport keeps growing. In just the past few weeks alone, New York State announced a plan to support NFC payments for the 11-million-user Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and the UK Cards Association unveiled a framework to implement contactless payments , including NFC, nationwide onRead more »

The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and the NFC Forum today announced an initiative that will enable the two organizations to jointly educate the industry on mobile Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies, including Apple Pay, to support the needs ofRead more »

Live in a stateside metro with a robust public transit system and upset you can’t use NFC in lieu of a physical ticket? Apple shares your frustration. On Wednesday, the NFC Forum, an industry lobbying group which Apple joined last August, announced a collaboration with the AmericanRead more »

NFC Accelerates Public Transport into the Future

I couldn’t help but think how appropriate it was. There I was in London — where the world’s first underground railway was built 152 years ago — to meet with leaders in the transport industry to discuss ways to makeRead more »