NFC Product Showcase

  The GoToTags .NET SDK enables you to easily develop IoT Windows... Learn more
Suaave Bracelet
Suaave is a unisex designer jewellery brand that combines a classy... Learn more
Never Be Without Your Medical Information Again Tap2Tag medical alert devices provide... Learn more
Hologram Display with NFC features -Holopop
This display is called HOLOPOP HOLOPOP is a promotional tool which combines... Learn more
Smart Info Tags
Smart Info Tags by Tap For Info  is a patented solution covering... Learn more
TapNTrace is a traceability service that will allow you to verify... Learn more
EvenTri – Event Management and Time Attendance 3 methods NFC/QR CODE/BEACON Learn more
NFC Tools – myPasswordNFC
NFC Tools - myPasswordNFC :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Easy to keep/store passwords, notes or voice to text... Learn more
Our NFC management system allows full control over NFC tags with... Learn more
Smart NFC Pro
"Smart NFC Pro" unique NFC based one tap video and audio... Learn more
NFCLeads, is a platform that help exhibitors to generate new contacts, and... Learn more
Wristbanditz combine technology and trendsetting accessories. Wristbanditz introduces innovative guest management and event... Learn more
Diiito Gloves
Diiito gloves is a NFC technology based application for a new era... Learn more
The smartest way to keep an eye on your guard's activities.... Learn more
Zelio NFC Timer
Zelio NFC Timer is revolutionary industrial timer which allows you to... Learn more
NFC Pins
A Wearable High-Tech Gadget very stylish, equipped with an embedded NFC Tag. Learn more
ACR123 Intelligent Contactless reader
A contactless terminal that may be integrated to existing POS systems... Learn more
ACR1255U-J1 NFC Bluetooth Smart Card Reader
A reader that combines Bluetooth and contactless technologies for secure, hands-free... Learn more
ACR35 NFC MobileMate
A magnetic stripe card and NFC reader for mobile devices. Learn more
ACR1252 NFC Forum Certified Reader
One of the first readers in the industry certified by the... Learn more