It’s time to celebrate!  The NFC Forum is 15 years old!

In 2004, Nokia Corporation, Royal Philips Electronics (NXP) and Sony Corporation announced the formation of the Near Field Communication Forum, an industry consortium dedicated to enabling the use of touch-based interactions in consumer electronics, mobile devices, PCs, smart objects and for payment purposes. The NFC Forum quickly got to work, launching multiple technical working groups, releasing an initial technology architecture, developing and publishing specifications and tag formats and many other achievements.

Share Photos, Videos, Memories of the NFC Forum on Twitter using the hashtag,  #Happy15NFC

Flash forward to today and it’s amazing to see how much the NFC Forum has accomplished to drive the success of NFC technology while growing from the three initial members to around 140 members today.  Thank you all for your support over the years!

Below are just a few of the NFC Forum’s achievements over the last 15 years.

It’s evident that as NFC technology has grown and matured, so has the Forum. We’ve seen the growth of new use cases, new markets – along with the realization that the opportunities for NFC technology in our lives are limitless. With every new membership and new initiative, we have seen the hard work of our members pay off as we advance NFC technology forward. Without our members, this organization would not be possible.  We have created a community that allows us to come together and work to advance the technology we all believe in.

Share Photos, Videos, Memories of the NFC Forum on Twitter using the hashtag, #Happy15NFC

While we will continue to celebrate our 15th anniversary all year long, we hope that you can join us at our member meeting in Stuttgart, Germany from June 25 to June 28th at Sony where we will have our big celebration. It’s only fitting that we celebrate at Sony — an original founder. If you can’t make it to our 15th Anniversary party in Stuttgart, please feel free to share photos, videos and your favorite memories of the NFC Forum on Twitter using the hashtag, #Happy15NFC. We look forward to celebrating all year long!  And thank you again for all your support.

For more information on the Stuttgart Member Meeting click here.