NFC Forum Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

The NFC Forum’s Special Interest Group (SIG) initiative is intended to foster broad adoption of NFC technology by sharing expertise across key vertical market sectors. The member-driven SIG Committee and its Working Groups will create opportunities across Forum membership to accelerate the delivery of exciting new NFC solutions for businesses and consumers.

Working Groups enable members to take an active role in fostering the adoption of NFC technology among stakeholders within targeted industry sectors. Initial objectives for activities undertaken by each individual SIG include:

  • Encouraging broad adoption of NFC deployment by defining and promoting NFC solution use cases
  • Gathering new business and technology requirements to drive future new and modified technical work
  • Establishing collaborative relationships with liaison organizations to further joint efforts
  • Creating educational tools and guidelines for each industry (e.g., white papers, demos, best practices, how-to guides, etc.)

For any questions or for more information on NFC Forum Special Interest Groups, please contact [email protected]

Secretary: Yo Tabayashi, Sony
Activities focus on working with stakeholders across the airline industry, mass transit systems (bus, train, and subway), and taxi and limousine sectors.
Group Chair: Vincent Chauvin, Apple
Vice Chair: Erich Reisenhofer, NXP
Secretary: Erwan Le Fer, Micropross

Activities focus on encouraging broad adoption of NFC technology by working with key players in the IoT industry.

Group Chair: Matthew Bright, Thin Film Electronics ASA
Vice Chair: Ursula Schilling, Infineon

Activities focus on working with stakeholders in the areas of retail banking and finance, payments, point-of-sale technology, consumer goods packaging, distribution, merchant, and point-of-sale environments.

Co-Chair: Rainer Lutz, NXP Semiconductors
Co-Chair: Jack Lee, Samsung
Secretary: Cristian Saracin, Continental Automotive GmbH

Activities focus on working with stakeholders across the automotive industry to encourage broad adoption of NFC technology.

Chair: Masao Yamada – Dai Nippon Printing Co.

Activities focus on working with stakeholders to promote NFC to this regional market and overcome the challenges of migration from its legacy infrastructure.