Over the past month, the number of Near Field Communication (NFC) apps in Apple’s App Store has doubled as 28 new reader/writer apps have been released or updated. Apple saw its number of NFC-related apps increase from 26 to 54 — with more apps still being added. The increase came after the release of iOS 11 which gave iPhones 7 and later the ability to use NFC technology which previously was confined to use for Apple Pay. Android’s Google Play Store still leads the way with over 250 NFC-related apps available to download. In the coming months expect NFC apps to continue to grow as, increasingly, Apple App creators explore the possibilities of NFC technology.

With over 300 NFC apps available between both Android and iOS 11, users have a wide range of options to choose from. Below are some of the more creative apps developed for NFC.

For more information on how to certify your NFC tag click here.

Android: Puzzle Alarm Clock by Wro Claw Studios

If you’ve ever had trouble waking up in the morning, this app makes great use of NFC to make sure you get up on time. The app gives you different options about how to disable your alarm when it goes off in the morning. While some options include solving memory puzzles or math equations the app also makes use of NFC. When your alarm goes off in the morning, the app forces you to tap with a smartphone any NFC tag to disable your alarm. If you place an NFC tag away from your bed it will force you to get out of bed to disable your alarm and kick-start your morning.

Android: Dimple.IO by Dimple Inc.

Developed by the winner of the NFC Forum’s 2017 Best New Startup, this app makes everything faster. Consumers who buy a Dimple.IO NFC sticker and stick it on the back of their phones are able to program the sticker to do many different things. Imagine a once in a lifetime opportunity is happening right in front of you. Dimple.IO stickers make it easy to capture that moment before it disappears. One button can bring up your camera and take a photo so that you can save the memory forever. Another button can open up your Twitter app so you can tweet your picture and share with all your friends. Finally, still another button can bring up your favorite contacts to call.

Apple: EndlessID by Gustavo Rubacha

This app is a great example of how NFC can change lives and have an impact on safety. Users are able to purchase an Endless ID or Endless Pet ID and connect with the app on their iPhone. By inputting vital health information and health history into the ID, first responders and doctors are able to connect via NFC tags and access a patient’s pertinent medical information. When this information is accessed, an emergency alert is also sent to a contact via, text, phone call, and e-mail.

Apple and Android: NikeConnect by Nike

Nike is aiming to enhance the experience of sports fans with the release of NikeConnect. Users who tap their NFC devices to NFC tags inside Nike’s NBA Connected Jerseys get access to extra content tailored towards the NBA player whose jersey they tapped. Player highlights, off-the-court footage, and player’s music playlists are some of the content fans can enjoy with NikeConnect.


While not all NFC apps are as creative as the above, even the simplest NFC reader apps are useful, as they enable connection with many of the expected 36 billion Internet-of-Things devices predicted to be in use by 2020. The NFC Forum’s recent release of the NFC Tag Certification Program will help to ensure tag interoperability and performance within the NFC ecosystem which, in turn, will have a positive impact on the development of NFC applications.

For more information on how to certify your NFC tag click here.