We live in a world where we now expect everything to be “connected.” The automobile industry is no different and in fact, the connected car is a pervasive trend. Automotive engineers and designers are constantly monitoring new technologies that promise to meet the needs of tomorrow’s consumers. NFC is one such technology that is poised to transform the automobile industry. The NFC Forum Automotive SIG acts as a bridge between industry stakeholders, enabling a seamless integration of NFC by providing all players with the information and tools they need to succeed. The goal is to identify the most pressing needs and promising directions across the automotive sector to ensure that new solutions built around NFC are future-safe and that investments are protected.

Why NFC for the Automotive Industry

  • Improve and customize driver experience
  • Advance mobile device and wearable integration
  • Facilitate smart fleet management
  • Improve automobile access and security
  • Simplify automobile diagnostic process

Why NFC for drivers

  • Eliminate mobile pairing issues
  • Manage personal driving options with ease
  • Open car with NFC keyless entry
  • Streamline car rental and public garage access processes

Get Involved

The Automotive SIG encourages broad adoption of NFC technology by working with key players in the automotive industry. NFC Forum members are invited to join the Automotive Special Interest Group (SIG) at any time. Not a member of the Forum? Contact [email protected] for more information and ways to partner.