For brands and retailers, it’s becoming all about their customers’ mobile phones.

There are approximately three billion smartphones in use today meaning that over 20% of people on the planet have access to NFC. According to a recent ABI Research survey 44% of those with NFC use it daily or almost daily.

Brands and retailers are taking notice. Watch the two-minute video and see the revolution beginning in retail.

They are using NFC, a standard feature in mobile phones, to compete in retail’s mobile-first, omnichannel world. Using NFC for payments is important but increasingly we are witnessing a surge in its use in other areas in retail like authentication, smart packaging with NFC tags and loyalty applications.

Watch the two-minute video and see how NFC enhances the customer journey with its simple, one-tap user experience.

Or Tune into the webinar replay: Bridging Digital and Physical Retail with NFC for more information.