What does whiskey, futbol and business card all have in common?

Near Field Communication (NFC)!

The NFC Forum participated in the MarTech East Conference from September 16th to September 18th at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA.

The NFC Forum booth was staffed by three member companies including Paul Davies, business development manager, NXP; Ian Clough, director of growth, Blue Bite and Bertrand Brault,  director of marketing, Business Development, Paragon ID. NXP showcased an NFC-enabled Scottish Whiskey bottle, Blue Bite demonstrated an NFC-enabled Adidas soccer ball and Nike soccer jersey and Paragon ID exhibited an NFC-enabled business card.  Thank you Paul, Ian and Bertrand for your help at the conference!

The MarTech East Conference was a great opportunity for education and awareness with respect to the power of NFC technology in the brand and retail segments.

Many of the larger consumer brands and technology brands that attended seemed interested in NFC and felt “NFC technology could enhance and grow their business.”

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NFC technology offers a multitude of ways for brands and retailers to forge and strengthen a connection with the consumer at every step throughout their journey – pre-purchase, in-store, and post-purchase. NFC helps consumers by connecting them to helpful information when and where it’s needed, offering a channel to interact with brands, delivering offers and rewards, providing the simplicity of one-tap payment, and more. For retailers and brands, NFC can lead to revenue growth, better customer experiences, new insights via customer analytics and deeper, long-lasting relationships with the people who buy and use their products.

NFC Forum In Asia

China in October

The NFC Forum’s next event will be a plugfest held in Beijing, China on October 15-17, 2019. The event will be hosted by China Telecommunication Technology Lab. Learn more about our NFC Forum Plugfest here.

Singapore In November

The NFC Forum’s next member meeting will be held in Singapore on November 5-8, 2019.  The event will be hosted by Infineon. Learn more about our 2019 meeting here.

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