The East Japan Railway Company is the largest railway in Japan and has around 17 million daily passengers. With intercity and regional service, the railway network covers over 7,000 kilometers of Japan.

East Japan Railway Company’s (JR East) Suica is a proven example of the power of MaaS. Today, citizens of Tokyo can take a train to work, switch to a bike for the last leg of the commute, buy a soft drink, and securely access the office building – all with their NFC-based Suica mobile wallets.

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JR East operates one of the most advanced railways in the world, carrying 17 million riders a day. Its “Move Up 2027” strategy calls for making cities more comfortable to live and work in.

Suica is key to this effort, creating an environment in which people can choose the services they want to use and how they want to use them, spanning transportation, shopping and settlement.

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Suica began by supporting rail transportation and shopping and is now expanding its services to include:

  • Promotions – Users who purchase Coca-Cola from a vending machine can earn and

track bonus points to earn free bottles of Coca-Cola.

  • The sharing economy – Docomo Bike Share, Inc. is offering an innovative bike sharing

program using Suica to identify and authenticate users so they can unlock and ride bikes.

  • Hotel and building access – Suica is used to authenticate users and provide secure

access to office buildings.

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