Jan 20, 2022

Large NDEF sizes in Certification Release 12

Large NDEF sizes in Certification Release 12 

With the release of CR12 the NFC Forum Certification Program now also supports Tag Devices with large NDEF messages. Some test cases, particular T4T Operation, use large NDEF sizes of up to 128 kBytes. These large NDEF messages can cause problems for embedded devices which do not have large memory available to store the NDEF message locally during testing. CR623, which addresses this topic, has been moved to TR12.1. For most T4T Operation test cases the Capability Container announces an NDEF file size of 32 kB or larger, while more than half the tests use NDEF messages of less than 2kB

8 out of 19 tests use NDEF messages >= 32 kB


The NFC Forum has decided that the NCIRP can waive tests with NDEF messages larger than 8 kB (as per previous page) for embedded devices that do not have enough memory to execute the Test cases. Please notify this situation in the STR.


List of test cases:

  • TC_T4T_NDA_BV_13_2
  • TC_T4T_NDA_BV_14
  • TC_T4T_NDA_BV_16_3
  • TC_T4T_NDA_BV_15_2
  • TC_T4T_NDA_BV_16_4
  • TC_T4T_NDA_BV_15_3
  • TC_T4T_NDA_BV_16_5

Please contact certification@nfc-forum.org, should you have any questions.