Agreement combines Artificial Intelligence, NFC and Blockchain to revolutionise interactions between  brands, products, and consumers

Certilogo, the digital authentication platform that pioneered the use of artificial intelligence for “anywhere, anytime” product verification via smartphone, announces the consolidation of its market leadership with the acquisition of Viveat, one of the most innovative Blockchain projects born in Italy.  The companies combine complementary experience in the development of intelligent tagging solutions in the critical ‘Made In Italy’ sector.

Certilogo was born in Milan in 2006 to offer a consumer-facing security solution that today attracts 1 request for authentication every 13 seconds from more than 170 countries. 

The consumer demand for security from counterfeit products, combined with brands’ urgent need to control and protect their markets for authentic goods, has allowed Certilogo to earn the trust of more than 80 brand leaders in Fashion & Luxury, tagging in excess of 200 million products.  In addition to protecting brands from the growing phenomenon of counterfeiting, estimated to siphon away more than 10% of revenues per year in the global fashion industry, the authentication service establishes a valuable direct relationship between millions of users and their favourite brands through a variety of engagement activities available on the platform.

Viveat, founded by Marcello Gamberale Paoletti in 2015, was born from a group of blockchain pioneers who invested early in NFC technology (“near field communication”, a technology that allows bidirectional wireless communication at short range), producing an innovative solution for the secure and transparent management of information connected to every stage of the product life cycle, from its production to the registration of ownership.

The security of the Certilogo anti-counterfeiting solution, combined with the Viveat Internet of Everything, gives life to a new model of interaction between consumers and brands by making it possible to connect any physical object to the internet, transforming it into a potent channel for customer communication and new business generation.

“The acquisition of Viveat is an integral part of our leadership team’s consolidation strategy in the context of the increasing confluence between artificial intelligence, NFC and blockchain technologies,” affirmed Michele Casucci, CEO and founder of Certilogo. “From the moment that Apple enabled NFC on the iPhone, it took down the last barrier to this technology’s adoption at the global level.”

“With this acquisition Certilogo becomes the first and only global player to add hundreds of millions of luxury objects to a distributed ledger,” added Marcello Gamberale Paoletti, CEO di Viveat. “It’s a unique competitive advantage over the competition that combines non-organic growth with the inclusion of the best know-how and the best talents in the industry, positioning the company as one of the most promising scale-ups in Europe.”

Certilogo is the product authentication platform that allows everyone, everywhere to verify the authenticity of a product using any smartphone or internet connection. Born in 2006, today it serves users with 1 authentication request every 13 seconds in more than 170 countries. More information, including the growing list of global brands offering Certilogo security, is available at https://www.certilogo.com

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* Source: European Commission research on violations of intellectual property rights

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