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For release: 21 Dec 2012

Crosscliq Enables First NFC Magazine ad in Canada

Connected Rogers Magazine teamed up with Crosscliq, CIBC and RIM to become the first magazine in Canada to embed NFC (Near Field Communication) technology inside a print ad. This print ad marks the crossroads of the mobile, print and banking industries in Canada as it merges four Canadian leaders who understand the power of mobile and NFC technology to deliver an effective mobile solution via a print vehicle that boosts consumer engagement.

While NFC has been used and discussed primarily in terms of mobile commerce, Crosscliq is demonstrating the multiple capabilities of NFC. NFC is a wireless communication technology that bridges the offline print world with the online digital world allowing brands to be in the hands of their consumers – anyplace, anytime.

The BlackBerry ad begins with a holiday gift offer, which is delivered instantly with the tap of an NFC enabled mobile device on Crosscliq’s NFC tag. From there, the page comes to life as customers scroll across three online offers that include free premium BlackBerry apps, information on the new BB10 lineup including options for updates and articles, and the option to download the CIBC Sure Tap app. CIBC and Rogers have spearheaded Canada’s debut into the mobile banking industry.

“Connected Rogers Magazine is proud to have Crosscliq as our NFC partner to introduce the first magazine in Canada to use NFC technology in print advertising,” said Jacqueline Loch, VP, Client Solutions- Publisher of Connected Rogers Magazine. “Their knowledge and expertise in NFC technology made them the perfect choice to deliver this cutting edge experience for BlackBerry,” said Judy Jung, Account Manager, for Connected Rogers Magazine. “With the simple tap of a mobile device, suddenly BlackBerry can inter- act and connect with readers and share meaningful and engaging content. Used in this way, NFC has the power to revitalize the print industry in a revolutionary way. We applaud RIM for their vision and leader- ship in this emerging and exciting new area and for choosing Connected and Crosscliq to showcase this experience for Canadians.”

“This is another great example of how NFC continues to deliver innovative and effective advertising solutions especially for the magazine and print industry,’ says Ian Barkley, CTO for Crosscliq. “NFC offers advertisers for the first time in history, the means to connect the offline print world with the online digital world. Crosscliq’s proprietary platform delivers results that are immediate, dynamic, at a low cost and deeply track-able and measured in real time.”

The BlackBerry ad appears in a limited number of copies of the December issue of Connected Rogers Magazine. Those without an NFC-equipped smartphone are able to go online to the BlackBerry website to receive their free Apps offer.

The Company: Crosscliq is a mobile technology company that leverages proprietary software and hardware to quickly deploy print-2-mobile and screen-2-mobile campaigns through NFC tags (passive and active) QR codes and Apple iOS6 Passbook. Our technology connects the physical and digital world to mobile, allowing brands to engage with their consumers on a level of intimacy like never before. At the same time our platform provides valuable customer profiles, behaviors and purchasing habits to the brands, well beyond traditional measurements.