FIME and Identiv Announce NFC Forum Certification First And An Only

By Sten Wendel, Compliance Program Manager, NFC Forum

Two NFC Forum members announced significant industry achievements this month securing competitive market advantages through the NFC Forum Certification Program.

FIME announced that it is the only testing laboratory in Japan allowed to provide NFC Forum accredited testing and certification services.  Identiv’s news was equally significant as it unveiled a new NFC Forum certified NFC tag making Identiv the first tag manufacturer to achieve certification in the NFC Forum Certification Program.

The NFC Forum Certification Program allows tag/inlay, NFC reader and handset manufacturers to test and verify the performance and interoperability of all the key components in the NFC eco-system.  Certification helps ensure that NFC tags, readers and handsets provide consistent, compelling and connected user experiences.

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FIME Is Only Testing Lab Accredited To Provide NFC Forum Certification Services in Japan

FIME is the only testing laboratory in Japan accredited to provide NFC Forum testing and certification services. Japanese tag, terminal and mobile device manufacturers can now benefit from local end-to-end testing support.  Japan is an important market for NFC technology and FIME is now the only test lab capable of providing this NFC Forum accredited service.


 “With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics on the horizon and the government initiatives to increase cashless payments, contactless technologies are high on the Japanese agenda,” said Takahide Kadoyama, country manager – Japan, FIME. “Since setting up our Tokyo office in 2013, we’ve played a significant role in the market’s digital transformation. Delivering NFC Forum testing, in addition to our other services, is empowering local players to remain competitive at home and abroad.” 



Identiv’s Is the First Tag Manufacturer to Achieve Certification in the NFC Forum Certification Program

With the release of its Tamper Detection Label NTAG 424 DNA, Identiv is the first tag manufacturer to achieve certification in the NFC Forum Certification Program.  NFC Forum Certification indicates that the label has demonstrated its conformance to the applicable certification requirements for Near Field Communication (NFC) tags for performance and interoperability.  Identiv’s Tamper Detection Label utilizing NXP® Semiconductors N.V.’s NTAG® 424 DNA, strengthens its radio-frequency identification (RFID) offerings to provide enhanced security for the Internet of Things (IoT).

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“Through our partnership with NXP, we are among a handful of companies capable of promoting advanced NFC inlays using IoT-ready chips offering proven, protected communication on contactless interfaces. Identiv continues to believe that strong security and interoperability are the main pillars for faster adoption of NFC in future IoT applications,” said Stephane Ardiley, director of product management, Credentials and Transponders, Identiv. “We are honored to become the first tag manufacturer to pass NFC Forum Certification, demonstrating our abilities to develop trusted RFID solutions compatible with all NFC-enabled devices available on the market.”

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