healthcare-sig-logoHealthcare organizations and providers are increasingly seeing the value of implementing NFC as part of their care delivery. NFC opens up possibilities to securely exchange portable medical records, reduce healthcare fraud, access emergency medical information, track medication adherence, and monitor patients’ fitness and wellness activities.

By simplifying the exchange of digital content between patients, providers and organizations, NFC can help transform the healthcare system, while reducing costs and improving care.

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Why NFC for Healthcare

  • healthcare-photosHighly secure and easy transfer of patient information and medical records
  • Patients easily track health information at home and providers quickly access accurate data from patient records
  • One-to-one device pairing gives increased confidence that information is accurate to a specific patient
  • Supported by most mobile devices and tablets, used by both patients and providers alike
  • Seamless way to track in-hospital rounds and patient monitoring, as data is stored and captured in database
  • Simple tap-to-exchange technology requires no special staff or user training
  • Provide important drug interaction information through tags on prescriptions and over-the-counter product packaging
  • Wearable tags (e.g. wristbands) can hold critical health information, easily read by an NFC-enabled device in an emergency

Get Involved

The NFC Forum Healthcare SIG acts as a bridge between industry stakeholders, enabling a seamless integration of NFC by providing all players with the information and tools they need to succeed.

We work alongside stakeholders to determine the most pressing needs and promising directions across the healthcare sector. Together, we ensure that new solutions built around NFC are future-safe and that investments are protected.
The NFC Forum has teamed up with Continua Health Alliance, an industry organization of healthcare and technology companies, to expand NFC connectivity technology in the health IT industry. The partnership includes an exchange of technical information toward future specifications for personal healthcare devices that will provide patients, caregivers and healthcare providers simpler and quicker access to the user’s health information through NFC connectivity.

NFC Forum members are invited to join the Healthcare SIG at any time. Not a member of the Forum? Contact the NFC Forum for more information and ways to partner.