Fight With Heroes; Save All Passwords In One Place — Powered By NFC

A featured part of the NFC Forum website is our “Product Showcase” page. The Product Showcase introduces new NFC products and applications to highlight NFC’s impact on society and spark new ideas for developers and entrepreneurs. FusionPlay and EviTag NFC are two new products in the Product Showcase. Read on to learn more.

FusionPlay – Heroes: The First Mobile NFC Card Game

The company FusionPlay offers a platform for unique game experiences that merge elements from the real world with digital applications. This has led the FusionPlay team to create the first mobile NFC card game. FusionPlay Cards are a mix of traditional card games and smartphone apps that leverage NFC technology. NFC enables gamers to simply slide FusionPlay Cards under a smartphone to read the card information. The cards appear instantly on the smartphone screen.

This makes the whole game experience smooth and fluid. Instead of requiring players to go through the extra steps of getting the cards recognized (as with barcodes, QR codes. etc.), the game combines the best of two worlds: traditional card games and smartphone apps.

The game itself is a duel between two players. Each player can choose one of four heroes and use the heroes’ unique skills to win battles. Each of FusionPlay’s heroes has six different basic actions and three mighty combo actions. Each action triggers multiple effects for the player and/or the opponent. The players need to use combinations of these effects to win their battles. This creates a variety of ways to play with each hero. The smartphone app takes care of calculations, data storage and effect visualization. Result? Players experience an immersive and challenging game that no deck of cards could deliver on its own.

EviTag NFC – The Portable Password Manager

Password proliferation is growing problem – as is identity theft. Here’s a solution powered by NFC. EviTag NFC is a portable password manager that can store up to 115 contactless passwords via NFC from your Android Smartphone. It works without databases, doesn’t need a cloud connection and is battery free. EviTag can store your passwords for Skype, Facebook, Twitter, email and even your bank in a single tag.

It works anonymously and securely without leaving a digital trace, via a free scalable application. The passwords and data saved onto the device are secured end-to-end. You can use the automatic connection to your Internet accounts and online payments via the EVILOCK NFC LAN plugin without needing to enter your username or password.

NFC products take on various implementations from wearables to retail and payment to consumer electronics. The use of NFC technology paired with these products makes each one work the way they were designed to. FusionPlay and EviTag NFC are just a few of the recent products that have used NFC technology.

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