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For release: 30 May 2008


Smooth migration as new Tag design platform is released to fab

This latest IC platform further strengthens Innovision’s ability to offer RFID and NFC tag integrators the best performance by price for tags. It is intended to meet demand for high volume, small size, lower cost RFID/NFC tags for integration into smart objects, providing a family of devices finely tuned to their specific application requirement.

The additional memory sizes in the platform have increased from today’s 96Bytes up to 512Bytes and it now offers even faster read/write/test operation speeds. These meet or exceed the data storage requirements for all anticipated non-payment NFC applications, including peer-to-peer connectivity, service initiation and Smart Posters. These larger memories will also allow developers to use digital signatures for more secure RFID/NFC applications.

With a product roadmap providing memories up to 2 Kbytes already specified by the NFC Forum, the platform is designed to offer maximum flexibility to the smart object implementation NFC market.

Innovision’s latest Tag IC platform is also capable of providing on-chip capacitance up to 250pF in some cases to support miniature antenna designs which enable the industry’s smallest RFID/NFC tag form factors. The platform is both backwards compatible with the company’s existing Jewel and Topaz RFID/NFC products, and forwards for new releases of consumer products meeting the NFC minimum level of interoperability (MLOI) specifications. First samples of product based on the platform are expected to be available 2H/2008.

This latest release from the NFC innovator responds to feedback from current industry events and ongoing NFC projects such as the O2 consumer trial. In this trial five hundred existing O2 and Oyster customers are using NFC mobile phone handsets to read information embedded in Topaz 96Byte tags on smart posters and in a card wallet, to access information, special offers and VIP benefits throughout London. 96Bytes is the perfect amount of memory for storing URL and SMS requirements for today’s applications.

About Innovision Research & Technology plc
Innovision Research & Technology plc, is leading the next generation of NFC/RFID solutions. As the leading fabless developer of Short-Range Data Communication semiconductor and system solutions, with particular focus on NFC/RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and ultra low-cost Integrated Circuit (IC) and RF electronic design, IRT is pushing cost performance to enable clients to get maximum utility for minimum cost.

The company develops innovative semiconductor technologies, ICs, RF systems (HF/UHF) and complete end product applications for mass volume commercialisation and then licenses customers for its incorporation into their own products.

At the heart of the emerging Near Field Communication (NFC) market, Innovision R&T designs and develops NFC/RFID IC solutions for the global mobile handset and consumer device sectors.

Products include Topaz, mandated by the NFC Forum as the NFC number one tag type format, Jewel for mass transit ticketing applications, and io, the world’s smallest standards compatible Near-Field RFID reader.

Headquartered in the UK, Innovision R&T was listed in 2001 on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange (ticker symbol:INN).