About the Internet of Things (IoT) SIG


The role of the Internet of Things (IoT) SIG is to encourage broad adoption of NFC technology by working with key players in the Internet of Things industry. This Working Group works to understand the business and technical needs in the IoT area and develop programs to support the industry. The Working Group does not undertake any activities nor prepare any deliverables that involve intellectual property.

Areas of focus for the IoT SIG 

  • Educational outreach on use cases, implementation issues, lessons learned, etc.
  • Gathering of business requirements to drive new or modified technical work, as presented to the Technical Committee to consider for further study or work items.
  • Establishing liaisons to further collaboration efforts

Recent Project(s) 

  • The IoT SIG published a white paper titled, “Simplifying IoT: Connecting, Commissioning and Controlling With Near Field Communication – NFC Makes The Smart Home A Reality.” Download your free copy here.

Get Involved

Learn more about the Internet of Things and NFC. Our IoT SIG chairs, Vincent Chauvin of Apple and vice chair Erich Reisenhofer of NXP invite you to join the IoT SIG and make an impact on the IoT ecosystem. Contact the SIG chairs for more information. Not a member of the Forum? Learn how you can join