With the reveal of Apple’s latest iOS14 update, some exciting new features are being rolled out, including the support of App Clips. App Clips is yet another way users benefit from NFC technology on their iPhone.

What if the right app needed at any given time was available at the touch of a button — without already being installed on your iPhone?

That’s what App Clips can do.  Much like a “mini-app”, App Clips offer a few of the app’s features, and are accessed from an NFC tag.  App Clips can be linked right from the source of purchase to your Apple Pay on your phone, or with another account, so no log in is ever needed.

App Clips allows consumers to have a variety of different quick access apps right at their fingertips.

“Whether they’re ordering take-out from a restaurant, renting a scooter, or setting up a new connected appliance for the first time, users will be able to start and finish an experience from your app in seconds,” Apple said in a press release.

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App Clips is as simple to use as “hold, tap, and click”. First, hold your iPhone the recommended distance from a compatible NFC tag, and wait for the App Clip to open on the bottom half of the screen. Then, simply tap, open the App Clip, and decide how you would like to pay or use the App Clip. App Clips are made for speed and efficiency.

After an App Clip is used, it is saved in the new App Library, which makes it easier to download the full app for frequent usage if desired.

Apple’s latest iOS update takes advantage of NFC technology with App Clips, but providing a great user experience demonstrating the continued use of NFC by consumers in their daily lives.

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