Q&A With Steve Gussenhoven About IoTize’s TapNLink NFC & Mobile Apps for HVAC Systems

The NFC Forum recently announced the winners of the NFC Forum Innovation award, which is awarded to companies who have made significant contributions in some way to the NFC field through development of NFC products. This year’s winner in the category of the Most Innovative Use of NFC is IoTize SAS for their 3-Stroke Configuration with TapNLink NFC & Mobile Apps for HVAC Systems.  Marketing and Communication Manager Steve Gussenhoven took the time to sit down and talk about Iotize’s product and what this award means to the company.  Here’s what he had to say:

Q. What is innovative about your product or solution? 

The TapNLink NFC products presents two major innovations:

For installers and end-users of appliances and industrial systems, our NFC 3-Stroke™ configuration is a unique way of using mobile phones to verify and set parameters. This approach is gaining traction by adding value in HVAC applications in the European Union (EU) where manufacturers will be required to provide user interfaces to program increasingly complex smart functions that improve performance. This translates to time savings and improved accessibility for both installers and end-users.

For manufacturers of these appliances, TapNLink vastly simplifies adding NFC to their products with our “integration-by-configuration” approach and our automatic generation of mobile apps. By eliminating the expertise requirements and the complexity of NFC integration, Iotize helps manufacturers deploy rapidly, and improve the return on their NFC investment.

Q. What does the NFC Forum Innovation Award mean to your organization? 

Our use of NFC is somewhat unique compared to traditional areas of applications such as payments or transportation. Our current and prospective users can sometimes feel that they are taking a risk by using NFC out of its usual context.  The recognition of NFC Forum and the larger NFC community is crucial to reassuring everyone and to highlighting this new NFC use category.

The award is also a boost for the design team – recognition that their investment has a larger sense in the industry.

Q. Where and how can someone get your product or solution? 

Iotize has signed its first contract with a supplier of thermostats for HVAC systems. Their first NFC connected radiators will be available in the EU in Q3 2021.

Designers and manufacturers can get TapNLink modules from a growing network of regional distributors (https://www.iotize.com/iotize-distributors.html), which includes leading catalog distributors such as Digi-Key and Mouser. The NFC only product will be available in stock in October 2020 under the part number TnL-FIT203. Designers can use the evaluation board TnL-PRIMER-NBW to start working with our NFC implementation, and to create their own mobile apps.

Q. What’s your organization’s most important goal and biggest challenge? 

Our most important goal is to create a boom in the use of NFC in consumer appliances and industrial systems. NFC, used alone or with other RF technologies, has the unique range and connection characteristics that make it intuitive, easy and secure for end-users.

Our greatest challenge is breaking the assumption that NFC is only a payment technology. It is a secure, intuitive means of connecting a user to absolutely any electronic device.

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