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For release: 18 Apr 2011


Pioneering service removes the barriers to NFC uptake by automating the recognition and launch of apps that interpret NFC Tags and Smart Posters

In the next years, millions of NFC tags and Smart Posters will be spread over the world and thousands of mobile applications will be made available to interpret them. Many of these tags will have customized data requiring the end user to have in his/her smartphone a specific mobile application to be able to interact with them. With NFC Launcher, the process of identification and launch of the mobile application that interprets each tag is automated, removing important barriers to the uptake of NFC.

Developers just need to add their mobile applications to NFC Launcher ( to trigger the generation of a unique code. This code, when written into tags, allows the automatic recognition of the matching mobile application by NFC Launcher, enabling end-users to immediately interact with them.

NFC Launcher will be a driving force of the fast development of the NFC ecosystem. According to Paulo Salgado, TIMWE’s Chief Technology Officer, “NFC Launcher will deliver high value to all NFC stakeholders as it will not only offer developers an independent and standardized mobile app discovery and launch service but also constitute a free mobile application for end-users to interact with NFC tags off-the-fly”.

NFC Launcher ( is a pioneering free service by TIMWE, a NFC Forum member.

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