Marketing . . . technology . . . management . . . and Near Field Communication (NFC) were on display at the MarTech conference in Boston, MA last week.

Also on display was the enormous opportunity for NFC in the marketing technology area.  It was clear to me that NFC could be one of a few key technology enablers capable of solving many of the engagement challenges marketers are experiencing today with their customers.

MarTech is an intense, three-day conference designed for hybrid leaders in the marketing technology world. The audience for this show targets leading marketing professionals. As their website states:  “If you’re charged with breaking down silos and assembling marketing technology stacks that deliver exceptional results for their organizations, MarTech was made for you.”

The NFC Forum was one of 72 exhibitors at the conference.  It was a great opportunity to discuss the value and possibilities of NFC in marketing technology applications as well as recruit new members.  Our goal was to raise awareness of NFC and educate the marketing technology community on NFC’s possible use in their solutions and show their customers how NFC can make an impact for them.  We also unveiled our new white paper “Bridging Digital and Physical Retail with NFC” at the conference.  Here is some press coverage.

Audiences like those attending MarTech are a real opportunity for the NFC Forum and its members to demonstrate the capability and flexibility of NFC.  Our discussions and meetings during the conference showed that we have an opportunity to spark an organization’s imagination and innovation to consider including NFC in their new product development.

Smartrac and Blue Bite Team Up With the NFC Forum at MarTech

NFC Forum members were well-represented at MarTech with Scott Krynock from Smartrac Technology Group and Ian Clough from Blue Bite pitching in to staff the booth at the show.  Demos at the booth included Smartrac’s and Blue Bite’s NFC-enabled soccer ball, Cellotape’s NFC-enabled tattoos, Nike’s NFC-enabled basketball shirt, an NFC-enabled Bluetooth speaker – and many more.

(Left-right) Scott Krynock from Smartrac Technology and Ian Clough from Blue Bite helping out in the NFC Forum booth at the MarTech Conference in Boston recently. Ian is holding an official 2018 FIFA World Cup NFC-enabled ball developed for Adidas.

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Download Bridging Digital and Physical Retail with NFC White Paper For More Solutions