Infineon joins NFC Forum board of directors

The NFC Forum has announced that Infineon Technologies has upgraded its NFC Forum membership from Principal to Sponsor, the company said.
The NFC Forum board of directors voted on and approved Infineon’s Sponsor-level membership. Three other companies have recently joined the world’s standards and advocacy association for Near Field Communication (NFC) technology as well.

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Forum publishes updated NFC technical specs

NFC Forum publishes 2017 technical specification release — NFC Forum — “The 2017 Technical Specifications Release comprises 21 new or updated near field communication technical specifications… The specifications feature the latest NFC technology and usability upgrades that significantly impact and advance functionality in a number of key areas for consumers and businesses.”

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The New York Subway Will Phase Out MetroCards In Favor of Apple Pay

New York City’s transit system is about to jump into the present — at least in terms of how riders pay to use it.
Starting in 2018, New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority will begin moving to a contactless payment system that uses apps like Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay, New York Times reports.

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New York to Replace MetroCard With Modern Way to Pay Transit Fares

New York City’s transit system is expected to take a significant step on Monday toward replacing the MetroCard with a more modern way for passengers to pay fares — by waving cellphones or certain kinds of credit or debit cards at turnstiles in the subway or fareboxes on buses.

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NFC Forum certifies NFC tag chips from STMicroelectronics

Three STMicroelectronics ST25 NFC tag chips have been certified for performance and interoperability under the NFC Forum’s new NFC tag certification program, which is designed to ensure “consistent, compelling, and connected user experiences” across NFC tags, readers and handsets.

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STMicroelectronics NFC Tags among First to Be Certified for Performance and Interoperability by NFC Forum

STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) , a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, announced the certification of its ST25 Near Field Communication (NFC) tags by the NFC Forum, a key industry and standardization body.

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NFC Forum Incorporates Tags into Its Certification Program

This week, Near Field Communication (NFC) tag manufacturers have begun taking part in a new certification program provided worldwide by the NFC Forum, to ensure that their NFC chips and inlays conform with specifications—and, if they so choose, to test and certify their performance with mobile handsets and readers. The certification program for tags was added this past Wednesday to the NFC Forum’s existing certification program, and is already under way for manufacturers at its 23 worldwide authorized laboratories.

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NFC Forum adds NFC Tag Certification to Certification Program

The NFC Forum has announced the addition of Near Field Communication (NFC) tag and reader certification to its global certification program. This means that tag/inlay, NFC reader and handset manufacturers for the first time will be able to test and verify the performance and interoperability of all the key components in the NFC eco-system. NFC Forum Certification Program testing and certifications are available today. Certification will help ensure that NFC tags, readers and handsets provide consistent, compelling and connected user experiences.

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NFC Forum adds NFC Tag Certification to certification programme

The NFC Forum announced the addition of NFC tag and reader certification to its ‘NFC Forum Certification Program.’ The move enables tag/inlay, NFC reader and handset manufacturers to test and verify for the first time the performance and interoperability of all the key components in the NFC eco-system, the organisation said in a press release.

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NXP releases NFC tag toolkit for iOS

NXP has announced a toolkit designed to make it easy for iOS 11 developers to take advantage of the NFC tag reading capabilities that are now supported by iPhones and unlock “the potential to now connect billions of consumer and industrial products to the Internet of Things (IoT)”.
“As co-inventor of NFC technology, NXP invites Apple developers to join us in the NFC universe as we drive solutions that deliver on the promise of the IoT,” says Alexander Rensink, business segment manager for NXP’s secure identification solutions business.

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