NFC-enabled e-ticketing in public transport: Clearing the route to interoperability

This 14-page white paper from the NFC Forum lays out the benefits to public transport operators (PTOs) of implementing NFC technology, and the importance of guaranteed interoperability between NFC-enabled devices and mobile ticketing systems.

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What is Near Field Communication – NFC?

Shortcuts that you might find in the settings of your smartphone, began to emerge in the world at the end of 2003, extending the ISO / IEC 14443 (contactless card, RFID) that combines the interface smart cards and readers into one device. Later in 2004, Nokia, Philips and Sony established the NFC Forum, which is at present rich information describing the technology. This article is in the Slovak language.

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NFC: Application on the rise to accelerate the popularity of things

In recent years, many innovations in technology and products revolve around the “Internet of Things (IoT)”, which is the infinite imagination space of Internet-related applications. Wisdom into the home, smart life, identity identification, remote medical applications. The impact of things, our food and clothing, such as daily living, working environment and mode of operation, leisure and entertainment, etc. will have a major change. This article is in the Japanese language.

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