Your Customer’s Smartphone Has Omnichannel Superpowers: Harness This Power To Build The Future Of Retail

By Matthew Bright, NFC Forum Retail and Payment Working Group Chair
We’re living in a mobile-first, omni-channel world. To be successful, brands and retailers need to adapt in ways that allow them to communicate effectively across the entire customer journey from pre-discovery to post-consumption. Time is of the essence because consumer attitudes and behavior have shifted in ways that make conventional approaches obsolete:

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Thinfilm sees success with Kilchoman NFC whisky tag

Thinfilm has spoken about the success of its collaboration with Kilchoman on its NFC whisky tag. Kilchoman Distillery was founded in 2005 and uses the message ‘from the barley to bottle’ to distinguish its brand and business model.

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Singtel’s Dash e-wallet goes global with Visa and Apple Pay

Apple Pay users can now make near-field communication (NFC) payments worldwide on Singtel’s mobile wallet app, Dash, which has just been accepted on Apple Pay.
The tie-up came alongside the international expansion – announced on Monday (Dec 10) – of Singtel’s Dash Visa account option, which was first launched in July 2017.

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Moooi Delivers Elegant, High-Tech Solution to Counterfeit Designs

To combat counterfeits of its innovative designs, Holland-based luxury design collective Moooi recently unveiled The Button. Overlaid with an elegant floral motif, the quarter-sized plastic button contains a computer chip that transmits an image of the corresponding product, along with its product code, a unique ID, and details about the origins of the design.

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The all new BMW X5

The fourth generation of the new BMW X5 has arrived, with a greater blend of premium luxury performance and comfort. Its presence is clear for all to see – upright, powerful and elegant.

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Incubator Program Yields BLE and NFC Credentialing

Technology consulting company Exponent has finished the second phaseof a project for the Kantara Initiative, Identity and Privacy Incubatory (KIPI) program to provide mobile authentication and credentialing for emergency responders. The system enables the use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Near Field Communication (NFC) withNIST‘s OPACITY standard so that individuals can identify themselves automatically via their smartphone.

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TTC removes debit, credit cards from machines as of December 20

Toronto commuters won’t be able to use debit or credit cards from the Fares and Transfer Machines on low floor streetcars as of December 20th, 2018. According to a tweet from TTC Customer Service on December 3rd, 2018, the cards “were causing the machines to be unreliable.”

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iPhoneのNFC読み取り機能ネイティブ対応でアプリの立ち上げが不要に 自動車分野でのNFC普及が加速、スマホの決済端末としての活用に期待

NFC の国際標準化団体であるNFC Forum(NFCフォーラム)は、2018年11月6日~8日まで東京でアジアでの総会を大日本印刷本社(新宿区市谷)で開催した。NFC ForumのCo-Chairman(議長)を務める田川晃一氏(大日本印刷)に、直近のNFC関連のトピックスと同フォーラムの活動について話を聞いた。

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STMicroelectronics Releases NFC Controller With Built-in Secure Element

STMicroelectronics has released a new Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled system-on-a-chip (SoC) product intended to make NFC transmissions faster and connectivity more secure. The SoC, known as the ST54J, comes with three products built into a single die: an NFC controller compliant with the ISO 14443 and ISO 15693 protocols, a secure element and an embedded subscriber identity module (eSIM) card for network connectivity. The resulting solution enables all three to be built into a device such as a smartphone, without requiring as much space as would be necessary for the three individual products, according to Christian Vignes, the director of STMicroelectronics’ Mobile Security Business Line.

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ST unveils turnkey payment solution for smartwatches and wearables

STMicroelectronics has partnered with wearable transactions specialist Fidesmo to provide smartwatch and wearable device makers with a single payment system-on-chip (SoC) solution that comes with built-in support for Mastercard payments.

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