Taipei’s MRT Taoyuan Airport Line to launch contactless payment option

Passengers travelling between Taiwan’s capital city Taipei and Taoyuan International Airport on the Taoyuan Airport MRT will be able to pay fares by tapping their credit cards or mobile phones over a tap-and-go reader starting January 16, 2020.

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NFC-Ready Label Boosts Skincare Adherence, Engagement

Near Field Communication (NFC) RFID labels are becoming practical for higher-end products. We follow NFC trailblazer Société Clinical Skincare on its journey into a unique NFC beta test that’s less about retail theater and more about ongoing engagement.

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Why We Should Make the Most of the Tech We’ve Got

You’re probably familiar with a scenario like this: You get into your car and all you want to do is pair your phone to the car through Bluetooth. But to do so, you must wade through a whole menu of items, put each device in pairing mode, and fail a few times before they finally pair. The same goes for pairing a speaker or other devices.

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1 big thing: The death of the paper ticket

Over the last decade, tickets have transitioned out of the physical realm and, like so many other aspects of our lives, gone digital. Most are now purchased on and delivered to a mobile device, then scanned at the stadium.

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American Airlines launches app-based passport-scanning program

American Airlines has introduced what it’s calling a first-of-its-kind passport-scanning upgrade for the carrier’s mobile app that is intended to make checking in for international flights simpler and faster.

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Dave & Buster’s Taps NFC For In-Store Customer Transactions

Dave & Buster’s has launched a mobile app to take advantage of near field communication (NFC) technology in iOS and Android phones.

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NXP unveils new chip to turn smartphones into car keys

NXP Semiconductors, the world’s largest provider of automotive semiconductors, has added to its UWB portfolio with a new automotive UWB integrated circuit, or chip.

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NFC Forum Aims to Popularize Taps

The NFC Forum is taking advantage of the presence of Near Field Communication (NFC) readers in handsets and other devices—totaling two billion this year alone—to launch initiatives that expand use cases and improve the user experience. The association’s newly appointed executive director, Mike McCamon, brings a history of accomplishing the same for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies. His goal, he says, is to make NFC something people simply use.

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Apple Pay ‘Express Transit’ arrives in London allowing iPhone and Apple Watch users to pay for their Tube journeys without having to scan their faces or fingerprints

Apple Pay users on Transport for London services can now use their iPhone or Apple Watch to pay for their journey without having to scan their face or fingerprint.

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Wearable payments catch on Europe

Transactions made using wearable devices in Europe registered strong growth, with consumers in the region using the devices nearly 20-times more than those in North America in Q3, research by Mastercard found.

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