Is Near Field Communication (NFC) technology the key to enabling omnichannel marketing? The recently published “NFC Mobile Marketing For Dummies” says yes. The author, Matt Bright, NFC Forum’s Retail & Payment Special Interest Group (SIG) Chair and Senior Director, Product and Technical Marketing at Thinfilm, makes a compelling case that brands and retailers must recognize and adapt to rapidly changing consumer lifestyles and preferences. Specifically, they need a concerted strategy that creates a seamless and compelling consumer experience that rewards ongoing curiosity, engagement, influence and loyalty through all stages of the consumer journey, from consideration to reordering.

How can they do that? According to Bright, by taking advantage of omnichannel (physical and online) marketing using NFC tags.

“NFC Mobile Marketing For Dummies” covers a lot of ground: from introducing NFC’s ability to link physical products to the digital world to practical implementation guidelines that help ensure a fast, fresh, and fun experience throughout the customer journey. In the book, Bright explains how brands can use NFC to communicate with customers before, during, and after a sale to develop an omnichannel mobile marketing campaign that’s effective precisely because the content is highly contextual– useful in the moment of making a decision. “NFC Mobile Marketing For Dummies” also includes case studies, tips and techniques to create and launch an omnichannel mobile marketing campaign powered by NFC.

“Mobile-first customers are those who reach instinctively for their mobile phone when trying to solve a problem or accomplish something,” said Bright. “For this growing audience, NFC technology is how they pay for purchases, get product information and reviews, establish provenance and engage with a brand. The NFC Forum’s work over the last decade has enabled a powerful platform that provides consumers and brands with new and meaningful ways to engage and communicate.”

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For more information about how NFC can improve brand-to-consumer and retailer-to-consumer connections throughout the entire consumer journey, be sure to download the NFC Forum’s recently released “Next Generation Retail & Brand Experience Infographic” to see how NFC tags work together with NFC-enabled enhanced payments to drive revenue while increasing customer loyalty.

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NFC technology is increasingly playing a critical role in supporting brand strategies. Mobile marketing efforts to connect with customers need to extend beyond the point-of-purchase and exist throughout the product or services lifespan. We’ve seen some unique examples of this recently, like Nike’s NBA jersey that features an embedded NFC tag that connects the buyer to information about the fan’s favorite NBA player or team. Several recent developments are helping to foster an environment that can spawn new products and services like Nike’s NBA jersey. These include improved NFC technology specifications and standards, more consumer acceptance of NFC, Apple’s release of NFC Core with iOS 11, and the NFC Forum’s Tag Certification Program have each helped to create a market where an enhanced omnichannel approach using NFC is a reality – and a growing necessity – for both brands and consumers.

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