“NFC is truly a brave new world” Tapwow’s CEO and Founder Michael Sher

Over the last 15 years the NFC Forum has laid the foundation for one of the most successful technologies in use today. It is a standard feature on smartphones and is involved in the daily lives of billions of people.  Over 20% of the world’s population has access to NFC technology.  It is the interface between humans and the digital world acting as the “great enabler” pairing and connecting devices and solutions for people.

One company leveraging this strong technology foundation to fully realize the promise of NFC with new products and services is Tapwow.  As a new member of the NFC Forum we thought it was important to hear their perspective on the technology and find out what they are doing with NFC. We asked Tapwow’s CEO and Founder Michael Sher a few questions about his company, it’s vision and why they joined the NFC Forum.

Q.  Can you tell us about Tapwow and the direct to consumer connection?

Tapwow is a new player in the direct to consumer connection space. The future of commerce is going to involve direct connection of consumers with brands and we created a component-based solution in our platform DIRX2 that allows brands to offer engaging customer content while connecting to manufacturing and supply chain data.  The supply chain data is certainly compelling for track and trace, product diversion and anti-counterfeiting, but at Tapwow we believe that the key to the interaction is to get the consumer involved to build brand loyalty and track the movement of goods through the supply chain.

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Q.  What value does Tapwow bring to the market?  What makes it different?

While Vice President for Asia Pacific at Thinfilm it became clear to me that the ultimate promise of NFC is as a frictionless direct to consumer connector.  Tapwow was created to fill the void we see in the market of providing software that works with NFC tags from any vendor and connecting them to content from Tapwow, a brand’s external creative partners or even in-house teams.  The frictionless nature of NFC is incredible.  The power of the tap is clear.  Our customers love it and think they will get results with NFC tags that they never did with QR codes.

Q.  Why did you join the NFC Forum?

What we get from our NFC Forum membership is knowledge.  NFC is truly a brave new world.  We see great use cases showing up through the NFC Forum each day for areas that are important to us like gamification, coupons/rebates, loyalty programs, unboxing experiences, track and trace solutions and more.   For the product that we have, any growth in the market benefits us and no one is doing more than NFC Forum to make growth happen.

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