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For release: 08 Apr 2013

NEXPERTS delivers world’s first certified Mobile PayPass Wallet

NEXPERTS enables Mobile Network Operators and Banks to roll out mobile payment solutions based on NFC technology. From now on the benefits of MasterCard’s mobile payment scheme “Mobile PayPass” is available to issuers.

Industry Analysts see the next big trend on mobile computing to bring payment and loyalty to mobile phones.

The technology to support this new user experience is based on a simple tap using Near Field Communication (NFC).

NEXPERTS researches and develops mobile contactless solutions and wallet technologies since 2007. NFC payment is considered to be the key driver for bringing the leather wallet to the mobile phone. “The support of Mobile PayPass in our wallet framework eases significantly the time-to-market for MNOs and banks to issue advanced contactless solutions” says Kurt Schmid, CEO of NEXPERTS. “Supporting this mobile payment scheme on NFC-enabled SIM cards allows a wallet operator to scale and to reach quick customer adoption. All major Mobile Network Operators are looking into this area and can now rely on certified and proven wallet expertise.”

“The support of Mobile PayPass is a big step forward from so far used MChip PayPass systems” says Richard Walitza, VP, Mobile Payments & Innovations at MasterCard Europe. “With our latest technology the consumer has full control on his mobile payment experience. We are glad NEXPERTS is offering a fully certified PayPass enabled wallet to banks and MNOs”.

For end-users this new way of payment is practical, easy and secure. Consumers pay small amounts (typically smaller than 25 Euros) by just tapping the phone on the payment terminal. In this “automatic payment mode” low value payment transactions will be accepted immediately without any further confirmation. A high value payment is either approved by means of using a PIN on the mobile phone, which requires a second tap or by entering the PIN on the payment terminal. The user can also change settings from automatic to “manual payment mode” which requires the PIN-entry also for small value payments.

MasterCard® and PayPass are trademarked and copyright protected by MasterCard Inc.

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NEXPERTS is a leading provider of solutions for mobile contactless technologies in the areas of payment and loyalty as well as security and access control. The company has profound experience and expertise in bringing NFC applications to mobile platforms such as Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

The product portfolio comprises mobile wallets, the management and support of secure elements (UICC, uSD, embedded) and MIFARE applications as well as the integration of MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave technology. Solutions from NEXPERTS are used and integrated by operators, system integrators and VARs.

NEXPERTS is a member of the NFC Forum and has partnerships with key players in the NFC eco-system.

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