NFC and Mobility, Identity and Transport

Today’s consumers rely on their mobile devices to get things done every day—from reading the news to navigation to banking. As growing urbanization puts a burden on public transport resources, consumers and public transport operators alike are turning to mobile devices to help them make the customer journey in a public transport system more efficient, more convenient, and better informed. NFC technology is playing a key role in this evolution. By allowing a mobile phone to act as a contactless transport card (or as a card reader), NFC enables the millions of NFC-enabled devices in the marketplace to work seamlessly with the millions of contactless readers that Public Transport Operators have deployed globally.

A Future of Public Transport Interoperability

The widespread adoption of NFC in Public Transport requires the assurance that NFC-enabled devices will interoperate with existing Public Transport systems throughout the world. Working with industry organizations, standards bodies, and Public Transport Operators, the NFC Forum has succeeded in providing this assurance by harmonizing the specifications of mobile device NFC interface with those of Public Transport readers and cards. Test specifications have been amended accordingly.

These actions have provided Public Transport Operators, Mobile Network Operators, and handset manufacturers with a roadmap for accelerating the implementation of NFC-enabled mobile ticketing. The pieces are in place to enable Radio Frequency interoperability for Public Transport systems – without changing Public Transport infrastructures.

The opportune time to start preparing to include NFC in your Public Transport system? Now!

Transport White Paper

Download your copy of the NFC-enabled e-Ticketing in Public Transport: Clearing the Route to Interoperability White Paper.

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Get Ready for Mobile Public Transport (PT) Services Informational Flyer

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NFC in Public Transport Case Study

JR East has recently turned to NFC technology to make
public transport more open, versatile, and interoperable.

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The NFC Forum Mobility, Identity and Transport (MIT) Special Interest Group (SIG) is very active in the industry and has made tremendous progress in the past year. We welcome your input and participation.

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