Paderborn, Germany – February 2015

 NFC Forum Test Solution Provider COMPRION is among the first implementing the test cases for the second phase of LLCP and SNEP. Besides the digital protocol, RF analog, and the first phase of LLCP and SNEP, COMPRION’s conformance test system UT³ Platform now also supports this latest enhancement of the NFC Forum’s certification testing.

SNEP (Simple NDEF Exchange Protocol) enables the data exchange between two NFC devices operating in NFC Forum peer-to-peer mode. The protocol makes use of LLCP (Logical Link Control Protocol), a connection-oriented transport mode providing reliable data exchange. One practical example for the use of the protocols is the data exchange between two smartphones for v-cards, pictures or videos.

The test case validation for these protocols took place in two steps. COMPRION completed the first phase in September 2014, and the second phase of the validation of COMPRION’s test tool was approved in February 2015. Ralph Kamp, Product Manager at COMPRION, comments: “COMPRION has been significantly involved in the standardization process of the test cases. Our active work within the NFC Forum allows us to supply our customers – such as chipset and handset vendors as well as test houses – promptly with test solutions covering the latest requirements of the certification program.”
Paula Hunter, Executive Director of the NFC Forum adds, “Advanced test systems are vital to our mission of ensuring global interoperability of NFC devices. We at the NFC Forum applaud COMPRION for its efforts to keep NFC conformance testing comprehensive and up to date.”

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COMPRION is the worldwide lead-ing manufacturer of test solutions for terminals and smart cards covering contact-based and con-tactless technologies. Our stand-ardization activities enable us to integrate the latest standards into our products. As COMPRION sys-tems are renowned for precise measurement capabilities, the company serves all top handset, card, chipset manufacturers, mo-bile network operators, and test houses.

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