Lille, 1 April 2014 – Micropross, a leading supplier of test equipment for the smartcard, RFID and NFC industry, announced earlier today that its NFC Forum Analog test solution successfully passed the NFC Forum validation process, and is now listed as an approved test tool.

The Micropross NFC Forum Analog test tool implements 100% of the NFC Forum-defined test cases and sub-test cases. By using the Micropross Contactless Test Station in conjunction with a robotic solution from Micropross or Denso of Japan, users can execute the test suite in an automated, accurate and repeatable manner. The all-in-one concept of the Micropross Contactless Test Station considerably simplifies the installation and daily use of the tool.

Stéphane Czeck, R&D director for Micropross commented: “After the validation of our NFC Forum digital solution, and our EMVCo analog test bench, the validation of our NFC Analog test solution by the NFC Forum is further proof that Micropross’ ability to design efficient and accurate test solutions is undisputed in the industry. Our customers will be able to perform pre-certification testing of their samples in their own laboratories, before submitting them to the NFC Forum official certification testing laboratories that may also use Micropross test tools.”

“It’s important that compliance testing for NFC devices be comprehensive, convenient, and swift,” said Paula Hunter, executive director of the NFC Forum. “By adding Analog capability to its Contactless Test Station, Micropross is helping to make NFC compliance testing both robust and versatile.”

Many industry players have already chosen Micropross test equipment. NFC chipset designers, NFC device manufacturers, and NFC Forum certification testing laboratories throughout the world are already using Micropross test solutions for NFC Forum, EMVCo and ISO. Micropross has always supported NFC technology through its membership in the NFC Forum, customer visits and seminars organized worldwide. Furthermore, Micropross contributes to the NFC Forum in a tangible way by providing a well-qualified, very capable Chair to lead the NFC Forum RF Testing Task Force.

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