Lille, France — 16 March 2015– After success in achieving test tool validation not only for EMVCo L1, but also for NFC Forum Analog, Digital Protocol, and LLCP and SNEP phase 1, Micropross is proud to announce that the NFC Forum has formally approved its implementation of the LLCP and SNEP phase 2 test cases, which can now be deployed at NFC Forum authorized test laboratories for certification testing. Logo NFC

LLCP and SNEP functionality is, from a logical point of view, above the Digital Protocol stack. It allows the exchange of information between NFC devices such as short videos and vouchers.

Philippe Bacle, President of Micropross, commented: ” Micropross is able to provide the widest portfolio of test solutions to meet the demands of their customers. NFC technology is present in almost all smartphones being released all around the world, and we are very excited to contribute – thanks to our innovative conformance toolsand- to the experience of NFC users. ”

Micropross test equipment is widely used at authorized laboratories all around the world, for NFC Forum and/or EMVCo certification testing. The test equipment is also installed at internal and pre-conformance laboratories of Chinese Mobile Network operators for official device inspection.

Paula Hunter, Executive Director at the NFC Forum added : “The LLCP and SNEP specifications are essential to bidirectional NFC peer-to-peer communications. Device manufacturers who use Micropross’ enhanced test solution can offer customers greater assurance that NFC interactions will take place swiftly and reliably,”

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About MicroPross:

Established in 1979, Micropross is the leading company in the supply of test and personalization solutions for business of RFID, smartcard and NFC. Our company is driven by a spirit of innovation and dedication to customer care. LEss stress, less complaints, better business. As simple as that! No matter which challenge you are facing, Micropross is able to answer, in the most efficient, elegant and accurate manner.