In the technology industry one thing is inevitable, change. Technological capabilities are expanding constantly. The transportation industry has been an industry that has continually changed as we’ve seen taxis become rideshares, phones with NFC technology become train passes and licenses and identification documents go online. To keep up with these changes the NFC Forum Transportation Special Interest Group (SIG) has adapted their group to reflect the new realities of the transportation industry renaming itself the Mobility, Identity and Transport SIG (MIT SIG).

Khemani Elected MIT SIG Chair
Serving as chair of the MIT SIG is the recently elected Preeti Ohri Khemani from Infineon Technologies Austria AG. Khemani has been actively involved in a number of NFC Forum initiatives including being elected as vice chair of the NFC Forum’s board of directors. She serves as director of systems engineering for the Digital Security Solutions Division at Infineon and has over 15 years of experience defining and developing secure NFC devices.

NFC Technology Making An Impact in Mobility, Identity and Transport
Road tolling, car sharing and other forms of transportation are all moving online and will need a quick and secure technology to connect the pieces together. NFC can provide this solution and the new MIT SIG plans to illustrate and explore how NFC technology can make an impact. The SIG also realizes that as part of the transportation industry, payments and identification are becoming a vital part of the consumer journey and the group intends to show how NFC technology can provide a seamless link between mobile identification, payments applications and the transportation industry.

As mobile devices continue to become the major interface between customers and service providers, both audiences demand a technology that is secure, interoperable within mobility systems and a technology that allows for the coexistense of mobile ID, payments and mobility applications. These devices continue to become more dependent on NFC technology to provide customers and providers with a secure, interopable and convenient technology.

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The new MIT SIG will encourage broad adoption of NFC technology by working with key players in the transport industry. They will work to understand the business and technical needs in mobility, identity and transport and develop support programs, educational use cases, address implementation issues and drive new technical work.

As the mobile device becomes the default customer media for mobility platforms and multimodal travel, NFC will provide a quick and secure interaction to enable these services. The new MIT SIG will continue to focus their attention on enhancing the consumer journey throughout this process. To learn more about the goals and direction of the new MIT WG view their page here.