The 2018 NFC Innovation Awards are all about discovering new ways that NFC technology can be implemented to improve business strategies, introduce new inventions, and deliver a social impact for people in need. This year the NFC Forum is honored to have a great team of judges from a mix of industries to review submissions from a variety of startups, developers, entrepreneurs, and organizations.

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We decided to flip the script and ask our judges what NFC product or service they would like to see offered. This is what they said:

“Innovations I look for are those which use NFC as a digital ID transporting a digital trail of my choices to interact with the real world. I need to see innovations that have necessary consumer context with a competitive advantage over alternative technologies. The innovation should be attractive for the market and most importantly, have quantifiable financial rewards for the company, not only for the consumers.

I would like to see serious product and services in consumer electronics and IoT to start with. Apart from the product, the range of marketing activities around it to make it lucrative for customers to use it and generate data for the companies to offer services is the killer combination I am looking for.” – Bratindra Chakravorty, CEO, Rapid Transpay Pvt. Ltd.


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 “NFC brings the capability to simplify processes through innovation. The ability to conveniently and quickly pair devices is powerful, but not just for traditional accessories, but moreover within the wider IoT opportunity, used as an enabler to pair headless devices securely, for screen-less/keyboard-less devices/things. Through innovation, NFC has the potential to break down cumbersome processes and become synonymous with the IoT.

NFC arms brands with the capacity to connect with their customers outside of the physical and retail environment. Delivering valuable content and meaningful experiences via NFC will elevate brands and strengthen customer relationships.

Multi-application and market convergence enablement sounds simple, but will require significant innovation and industry co-operation in order to realize. By combining applications including anti-counterfeiting and brand protection, access control, retail and loyalty, couponing, payments, government ID and ticketing, NFC can move beyond the familiar payments piece, towards a diversification opportunity, opening new business avenues to brands, OEMs, MNOs and service providers, to which previously remained out of reach.” – Phil Sealy, Principal Analyst, ABI Research

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The 2018 judges are looking forward to seeing innovations using NFC across multiple applications, making everyday interactions simpler, safer, and connected across a variety of markets. Judges are also looking for NFC to benefit the company implementing it and the consumer using it.

This blog is a part of a series of blog posts featuring the 2018 NFC Innovation Awards judges where we get a sense of how they see NFC technology and the ways its innovations will affect the future.