NFC Product Showcase

iLOQ S50
iLOQ S50 Unlocking a world of possibilities for the utilities industry The iLOQ... Learn more
ORYGENE : NFC based Anti-Counterfeit Solution
ORYGENE is an open SaaS platform that provides the opportunity to... Learn more
Contactless electronic safe EviTag NFC®
An electronic cyber secured NFC safe, multilingual, which works contactless. In... Learn more
FusionPlay – Heroes: The first NFC Card Game

Choose your hero!

Learn more
NFC Tools for PC / Mac
NFC Tools for PC / Mac can read and write your... Learn more
Queen’s Protocol Hybrid Bags
Queen’s Protocol bags are embedded with NFC technology and aim to... Learn more
fTag: Food Allergy and Intolerance Management
Applicant to 2018 NFC Innovation Award / Best Emerging Concept When used... Learn more
NFC Super
NFC Super is a mobile Application software that read/write NFC tag.... Learn more
QR-Patrol is an innovative guard tour management system, addressing needs of... Learn more
DOGTAP securely stores important information about your own dog, helping to... Learn more
APPSWED HealthCardNFC solution can serve as a complement to public healthcare... Learn more
Exteryo One
Exteryo one is a new model of NFC chip, made of... Learn more
We securely CONNECT consumers and brands by making Parcels and Products... Learn more
Ray Click
The blind and visually impaired can finally enjoy greater independence, spontaneity,... Learn more
Smart medicine package
Place a microchip in medication packages and patient's therapy can be... Learn more
SpeechCode is a new information technology to provide audio information offline.... Learn more
Audio Info for Everywhere
SpeechCode is a new information technology to provide audio information offline.... Learn more
HushTags is a gamified sharing platform that uses NFC enabled smart... Learn more
NFC Tag Starter Kit by Identiv
In order to bring the power of near field communication (NFC)... Learn more
Smart City – The intelligent waste management system
The improper disposal of municipal waste can have a dangerous impact... Learn more