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Genuine Check NFC

Make sure you only buy genuine products.
More reliable control.
Easy and user-friendly.
GENUINE . . . or Falsified.

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Identiv NTAG 424 DNA Tags

Identiv’s new family of labels leverages NXP® NTAG® 424 DNA chips, strengthening Identiv’s RFID . . . offerings that provide security for the Internet of Things (IoT). The tags are designed for anti-counterfeiting for brand protection, document authentication, secure supply chain traceability (i.e., product origin and provenance), authorized data access, and trusted customer engagement, including loyalty programs.
The Tamper Detection NTAG 424 DNA Tag version (utilizing NXP’s TagTamper chip) just received certification proving full conformance with NFC Forum specifications, making Identiv the first transponder manufacturer to receive NFC Forum accreditation.

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The PoolMateSport is an intelligent swim tracking watch which will track all of your swims. It . . . contains accelerometers and our patented algorithms to keep a track of every stroke you swim and give you lots of metrics- speed, distance, calories, laps, sets and much more.
We’ve incorporated NFC so you can easily sync the watch with a smartphone to transfer data and view in graphs and tables on our swim logging website and see how you are improving.
Using NFC for data transfer we can use a simple coin cell battery and have battery life of around 12 months.

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NFC Wallet Card

NFC Wallet Card is an innovative way to protect important secret data, it is a very secure offline . . . data storage for sensitive secret codes. This product is designed to be a very secure cold storage hardware for cryptocurrencies, passwords and sensitive data, but can be used to securely store any kind of secret text code you want to protect.

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evermée necklace

The evermée necklace represents a revolutionized locket that invisibly carries one single photo . . . memory of your choice. The photo memory is stored on an NFC tag and can be inspired by hovering the phone over the evermée necklace.

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iLOQ S50

iLOQ S50
Unlocking a world of possibilities for the utilities industry
The iLOQ S50 is the first . . . keyless, NFC-enabled lock cylinder that harvests energy for unlocking from a smartphone – turning a smartphone into both a key and a power source.

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ORYGENE : NFC based Anti-Counterfeit Solution

ORYGENE is an open SaaS platform that provides the opportunity to all product manufacturer and brand . . . owner the access to Product Authentication Technology based on anti-clone NFC Tags.
It comes with a self-service admin portal for product manufacturers and a standard mobile app for consumer to install and authenticate the products. The look and feel of the consumer experience can be easily customized. Product serialization of NFC Tag is done with just few easy steps within the admin portal.
Our anti-counterfeiting solution uses standard NTAG 213 based NFC tags which is cost efficient and also compatible with all NFC capable smartphones.
Download and view PDF slides about our ORYGENE platform here.

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Contactless electronic safe EviTag NFC®

An electronic cyber secured NFC safe, multilingual, which works contactless. In reality, a password, . . . bank cards and loyalty cards* manager It is portable, hardened to the extreme, waterproof and can work without maintenance more than 40 years. This electronic safe has contactless and offline access control, multi-factor physical and digital authentication (MFA). Very easy to use, designed for everyday use, EviTag NFC works anonymously, without leaving a digital trace, without a sensitive database, via a free scalable application, compatible with all types of Android NFC terminals. This electronic safe is DGPR Compliant. The EviTag NFC electronic safe is a solution protected by patents. Save data are secured end-to-end. This is the only solution in the world that allows to share your passwords safely. You can use the automatic connection to your internet accounts and online payments via the EVILOCK NFC LAN plugin without entering the username and password.
Presentation video:
Video User’s Guide:
Online payment operation video:

Online sales site of electronic safe EviTag NFC:
From 35.90 € for two electronic safes, to always have a backup, in case of loss or theft

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FusionPlay – Heroes: The first NFC Card Game

Choose your hero!
Welcome to FusionPlay Heroes, the first mobile NFC card game. It’s played with . . . physical cards, each containing a Near Field Communication chip. These chips enable communication between the playing cards and a smartphone. As soon as you slide a card under the smartphone, it appears on the screen of the phone. Then the app processes the actions and visualizes the results.
The game itself is a duel between two players like a digital-analog homage to beat-em-up games of the 16-bit era. Each player chooses one of the 4 heroes and uses the heroes’ unique skills to win the battle. The game is fast paced and always motivates to play “just one more round”. All components are pocket sized, so the player can always have them with them.
Check your phone!
For playing the game, an NFC capable Android Device is required. Check if your phone/tablet is supported, before you buy the game.
Checking your phone is super easy: Try to install the official app from the Play Store. If you can install it, your phone is compatible. If you can’t find the official “FusionPlay Heroes” app in the Google Play Store on your device or an error message pops up when you open it, it won’t work on this phone.
With your smartphone, use this link or the QR-Code below to access the store page directly:

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NFC Tools for PC / Mac

NFC Tools for PC / Mac can read and write your NFC chips with a simple and lightweight user . . . interface.

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fTag: Food Allergy and Intolerance Management

Applicant to 2018 NFC Innovation Award / Best Emerging Concept
When used in the production of foods . . . and still present therein, certain ingredients or other substances or products (such as processing aids) can cause allergies or intolerances in some people, and some of those allergies or intolerances constitute a danger to the health of those concerned.
It is important that information on the presence of food additives, processing aids and other substances or products with a scientifically proven allergenic or intolerance effect should be given to enable consumers, particularly those suffering from a food allergy or intolerance, to make informed choices which are safe for them.
We’ve been working on a disruptive and innovative solution: fTag, to help brand owners to be compliant with the INCO regulation on packaging and shelfs, while providing a convenience approach to users, consumers and patients in order to get a tailored and usable information for them.
A personalized NFC Card, to be used: either alone, with a mobile application in an offline mode or a mobile compliant device in an online mode, or to decode the (usually unreadable) information printed on pack, to get a personalized, tailored and usable information.
Obsessed by privacy, we wanted the personal medical information to be stored in a physical object, an NFC Card; on which a QR Code will be printed among with explicit visual information.
The personal data will be used by the mobile device for a limited period of time, in an offline mode with a dedicated mobile Application. An online mode is also available, but does not provide the same level of privacy.
We do offer the most efficient and reliable approach to allergens management.

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NFC Super

NFC Super is a mobile Application software that read/write NFC tag. It supports all standard NDEF  . . . records protocols and perform actions scanning from native android system. Tag scanning history record and register a tag UID for more advance usage. Task profile creation can be used for action trigger to do any magic on device. Hundred of tasks  are available in Apps.

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