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Instant Fundraising Wristbands

Instant Fundraising Wristbands are a brand new development that give charity fundraisers an additional tool to raise funds instantly and spontaneously through mobile phone interaction with their supporters.

The fully branded, durable and waterproof silicone wristbands incorporate an NFC (Near Field Communication) chip and QR codes in their branding, to direct potential donors to a fundraising page, allowing instant donations to be given and helping fundraisers achieve their fundraising targets.

Acting like a traditional Charity wristband, as a demonstrable wearable item showing support for a charity, they are also an active fundraising tool, allowing fundraiser to seize the moment and attain sponsorship and support when historically they couldn’t.

In addition, the charity also receives crucial data about the use of the wristbands so they not only know who their most active fundraisers are, but how effective the wristbands are being in supporting them, allowing a real sense of assessment of ROI.

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