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Mini F56 aftersale NFC Car Key

In lifestyle products such as the MINI, current information technologies not only play an important role in the vehicle, but in future will also increasingly feature in aftersales products such as the new interchangeable key cap. On one side of the clip, marked by a slight elevation, an NFC transponder is built in, which is programmed with various actions and activities via free apps available from the app stores of the operating systems Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. This is a quick and simple process that the MINI customer can do him/herself. “To ensure cross-device and cross-platform functionality, smart-TEC only uses chip types specified by the NFC Forum, such as, in this case, the NXP NTAG203”, explains Andreas Schlaudraff, Head of the company’s Competence Centre NFC. The chip has sufficient memory to store a wide range of different actions.Here are some examples of potential applications. The driver gets into his/her MINI and holds his/her NFC-enabled smartphone briefly on the car key. The Bluetooth connection is immediately activated, the read-out mode for incoming texts is enabled and the navigation app is launched. This is achieved by means of a one-time set-up process using a free app which stores the functions “activate Bluetooth, enable driving mode, launch navigation app” onto the NFC transponder. A large number of scenarios and examples of applications can be carried out in practice using NFC transponders and NFC-enabled smartphones to speed up and simplify everyday tasks, functions or actions.

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