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Smart Touch Menu

SmartTouch Menu, a self-ordering proximity service, is the “made in Italy” App which makes pubs, restaurants and fast-food restaurants smarter. It allows customers to order autonomously directly from their table, using their smartphone or tablet. Its system sends the order directly to the cash register and in this way it is able to reduce waiting time, to optimize waiters’ work, to entertain customers thanks to gaming and entertainment instruments and to deeply improve customer management performances. Effectively, on one hand the device is able to improve the quality of the service provided and to optimize the operating expenses for the owner, on the other hand it meets customers’ needs and requests. SmartTouch Menu provides the dashboard, available through a tablet, to analyze statistics. It allows the merchants to know better his customers and their tastes, to retain them and to gain useful information for promotional campaigns in an intuitive and easy way. On every table is placed a table-tag with unique QR code and/or NFC tag, which connects restaurant to customer and table. Touching the table-tag with smartphone or tablet the menu appears and the table is identified. The customer can browse the menu and then place an order. The order will be immediately transferred and routed to the printer or to the tablet at the bar or kitchen. At this point the waiter can bring to the table what it is written on the receipt. SmartTouch Menu is mainly designed and developed for fast food and pizza restaurants, pubs and restaurants, but it can be used every time you need on-demand proximity service. SmartTouch Menu is available with digital menus in 14 different languages.

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