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Suaave Bracelet

Suaave Bracelet

Suaave is the bracelet that makes introductions easy. An NFC chip is embedded in the bracelet, which people can scan on their phones to connect to your profile.

The vision behind Suaave was to create a bracelet which not only looked stunning, but also incorporated technology that allows you to connect with other people.

How to set up your Suaave Bracelet




How do you connect?

  • Create a profile on
  • Download any NFC Tag writing app onto your phone.
  • Type in your Suaave URL and link it to your bracelet. Don’t forget to turn NFC on in your settings.
  • People can scan the NFC chip in your bracelet for your profile and information to pop up in their phone.

Suaave Bracelet uses NFC technology to connect you to others.


The goal of Suaave is to help create opportunities for users, at places such as:

• Conferences

• Networking Events

• Meeting recruiters

• Business meetings

• Dating Events

• Hospitals

• Schools (emergency details)

• Nightlife


In order to achieve this goal, the founders of Suaave aimed to create a holistic interactive system. Users would be able to create a profile page that allows them to:

* Upload their CV/portfolio and cover letters;

* Upload their favourite pictures;

* Link social media profiles;

* Provide contact details;

* Upload medical details and emergency procedures, including emergency contacts.

The end result: The Suaave Bracelet.


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