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To be successful today, brands and retailers need to compete more effectively in a mobile-first, omnichannel world. NFC technology offers a multitude of ways for brands and retailers to develop and strengthen a connection with the consumer at every step throughout their journey – pre-purchase, in-store, and post-purchase. NFC helps consumers by connecting them to helpful information when and where it’s needed, offering a channel to interact with brands, delivering offers and rewards, providing the simplicity of one-tap payment, and more. For retailers and brands, NFC can lead to revenue growth, better customer experiences, new insights via customer analytics, and deeper, long-lasting relationships with the people who buy and use their products.


Opportunities for Brands and Retailers

When viewed through the lens of traditional business metrics, the prospects for brand and retailers today couldn’t appear more challenging:


Consumer loyalty is fading: 90 of the top 100 Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands have seen their share decline, according to a 2015 study by Catalina, a leading digital and consumer loyalty firm.


Customer experience scores have plateaued.  No brand studied by Forrester Research has achieved significant improvement in trust and experience scores since 2016.


Two-thirds of consumers surveyed said that the number of companies or brands they consider when making purchase decisions has increased significantly compared with 10 years ago.


Mobile has become the preferred way to get online: an eMarketer forecast noted that the number of US internet users who go online exclusively via mobile device will reach 52.3 million by 2021,
as people transition from personal computers to mobile devices. (1)


Even traditional in-store retail depends on mobile:  according to Google, 82% of smartphone users say they consult their phones before they make purchases in-store.(2)


In a study by Strategy Analytics, consumers tested in five-in-store retail scenarios preferred using NFC 2-to-1 over QR codes and as much as 8 to 1 over Bluetooth beacons.(3)

These findings confirm that consumer expectations and behaviors are fundamentally shifting as e-commerce continues to grow and consumers of all ages increasingly turn to their mobile devices to consult online reviews, research products, get recommendations, and comparison shop.

Utilization of NFC technology can help build a strong direct connection with each person throughout the consumer journey, beginning before the purchase and continuing after the sale.

NFC vs. QR codes

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Media Coverage

November 21, 2018
payment navi

iPhoneのNFC読み取り機能ネイティブ対応でアプリの立ち上げが不要に 自動車分野でのNFC普及が加速、スマホの決済端末としての活用に期待

NFC の国際標準化団体であるNFC Forum(NFCフォーラム)は、2018年11月6日~8日まで東京でアジアでの総会を大日本印刷本社(新宿区市谷)で開催した。NFC ForumのCo-Chairman(議長)を務める田川晃一氏(大日本印刷)に、直近のNFC関連のトピックスと同フォーラムの活動について話を聞いた。

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November 19, 2018
RFID Journal

STMicroelectronics Releases NFC Controller With Built-in Secure Element

STMicroelectronics has released a new Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled system-on-a-chip (SoC) product intended to make NFC transmissions faster and connectivity more secure. The SoC, known as the ST54J, comes with three products built into a single die: an NFC controller compliant with the ISO 14443 and ISO 15693 protocols, a secure element and an embedded subscriber identity module (eSIM) card for network connectivity. The resulting solution enables all three to be built into a device such as a smartphone, without requiring as much space as would be necessary for the three individual products, according to Christian Vignes, the director of STMicroelectronics’ Mobile Security Business Line.

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November 15, 2018
Mobile Marketer

L’Oréal debuts NFC-powered UV sensor at Apple Stores

L’Oréal’s UV sensor is another demonstration of how mobile technology is supporting innovations that help people lead healthier lives. The wearable sensor works with the NFC chip in smartphones, the same technology that supports mobile payments or keyless entry at hotels, which means users don’t need to worry about recharging the device for it to operate, removing one extra step for wearers.

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November 14, 2018

L’Oréal’s New Clip-on Sensor Tracks Your Exposure to UV Rays

The future of wearable skincare technology is roughly the size of an M&M. Launching today, L’Oréal’s La Roche-Posay My Skin Track UV sensor clips onto clothing and measures the wearer’s exposure to UV radiation, a form of radiation that is known to damage skin and, in large amounts, cause skin cancer.

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October 18, 2018
NFC World

ST Unveils Turnkey Payment Solution for Smartwatches and Wearables

STMicroelectronics and Fidesmo bring secure contactless transactions to wearables in complete payment system-on-chip

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October 3, 2018
MarTech Today

Announced at MarTech East: Watson Assistant for Marketing availability, CaliberMind’s B2B analytics suite and an NFC white paper

The NFC Forum, which acts as a global standards body for Near Field Communication, released at the conference a white paper on ways to bridge digital and physical retail using the technology.

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The NFC Forum Retail and Payment Special Interest Group (SIG) is very active in the industry and has made tremendous progress in the past year.  We welcome your input and participation!

2018 Innovation Award Winner

1trueid: Making Sure your Goods are Good

The international trade in counterfeit goods is currently worth around $460 billion a year – or four times greater than the value of drug trafficking. 1trueid aims to change the counterfeit goods black market with its anti-counterfeiting and traceability solutions. Their solution is the first secure digital identity enabler distributed in a Social Blockchain environment using different technologies, such as NFC, RAIN RFID, BTLE and PJM. You could call 1trueid’s unique solution a social IoT networking platform. 1trueid allows for the sharing and communication of intelligence between everyone involved in the design and manufacturing process of a product. Blockchain technology allows 1trueid’s system to track and confirm the owner and the authenticity of a manufactured product from start until finish.

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